Issues with Windows 10 v1903 & v1909 update

Those who have installed the cumulative update for Windows 10 v1903 and v1909 [kb4549951] are reporting a variety of issues. Included in them are:

WiFi, Bluetooth, crashes, system performance [memory and CPU], external monitor to be used, headphone issues, and Chromium Edge and Google Chrome resolving site issues.

Some have complained even about losing data.

And this is assuming the update can be installed as some can’t even get it to install

I noticed the slowness in resolving in Chromium Edge.

Microsoft is looking into the issue.


Microsoft update KB4524244 pulled

In an ever growing list of Microsoft updates that have had problems with, add KB4524244 to the list.

The update was designed to address “an issue in which a third-party Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) boot manager might expose UEFI-enabled computers to a security vulnerability.”

The update has since caused freezing, booting and installation issues.

KB4524244 gives you ways of removing the update.

Have you upgraded to Windows 10 v1903 or v1909

Have you noticed any major [feature] update in the last little while? It is the one that can take 45+ minutes to do.

If not, you need to check to make sure you have either 1903 or 1909 installed on your Windows 10 computer. To do this:

  1. Open “Settings” or “PC Settings” [this will depends on what menu you see].
  2. Click on “System” [it’s always in the upper left corner of the 10+ icons in the window].
  3. On the left side scroll down and click on “About”.
  4. On the right side scroll down until you see “Windows specifications”.
  5. Ignoring the other details, you must see version 1903 or 1909.

If you are at 1809 or prior, it may be because your Anti-virus version may be too old/out-dated. Microsoft is stopping any Windows 10 computer from getting the latest version until the Anti-virus is updated correctly.

In addition, if you are at 1803 and before, you will not get any further updates to Windows [including the monthly ones] until you upgrade to 1903 or 1909.

You can run the Upgrade Assistant to check if you computer is compatible or to upgrade. There are some older processors which may have been compatible with older versions of Windows 10 but not the latest.

PS – 1903 and 1909 are almost identical. Either version is OK to be on.

Microsoft to push Spring 2019 Windows 10 update

Because of the more than expected amount of Windows 10 users are still using the v1803 release [which will have support ending this fall], Microsoft has decided to push out the v1903 [the latest Windows 10 release] earlier than usual.

You will have the option to delay the v1903 upgrade release for up to 35 days so you can do the upgrade at your convenience. Depending on your computer, this upgrade could last from about an hour [for faster computers] to over 2 hours [for slower computers].

This needs to be done soon – otherwise you will not receive any further security updates and enhancements.

Windows 10 warns about updating to the May 2019 update

I guess depending on the version you use [I’m using Pro with a feature update delay] you may or may not see the message below when you should update to the Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

Obviously you probably shouldn’t install the May update through other means [MediaTool, ISO] if it’s giving you this warning.

BTW, I wish Microsoft would get their version format settled. Is it v1903 or 19H1? Is it v1909 [seen in the Windows Insiders] or 19H2?

Microsoft to force feature updates on near out of support Windows 10 installations

Microsoft announced this week that for Windows 10 devices that are at, or within several months of reaching end of service, Windows Update will automatically initiate a feature update…. The Windows 10 April 2018 Update (Windows 10, version 1803) will reach end of service on November 12, 2019 for Home and Pro editions.

Starting this June [2019], Microsoft will begin updating devices running the April 2018 Update and earlier versions of Windows 10.

[Ed’s comments: Expect a flood of complainers/whiners plus some butchered installations.]

Windows 10 19H1 finally released

Very [almost] quietly, Microsoft finally has released Windows 10 19H1 [a.k.a. v1903]. It is based on build 18362.30 – although there are already up to 18362.116.

By the old title [“v1903”], this was to be released in March or early April. We are in the last full week of May. They were obviously some issues but they didn’t want the fiasco of v1809 which was released in November 2018.

v1809 release only managed to pick up around 30% of the Windows 10 users. Many holding out and hoping for a stable 19H1.

The next feature release is expected sometime in the second half of 2019 but is expected to be more like a traditional “service pack” – mostly fixes and corrections and less of new or updated features.

As usual, consumers will probably get notification with the best likely systems [newest usually] to be offered it first.

ISO images are available from the usual sources as well as the Media Tool creation tool is available from Microsoft.