Issues plague Windows 10 update

If you are thinking of not waiting for the notification and decided you want to get the latest feature update to Windows 10 [i.e. build 17134 or v1803 or Redstone 4 or April 2018 Update], you may wish to hold off for a bit.

There are a serious number of issues that are affecting some users.

Among them are: mouse problems, microphone problems, problems with Microsoft Office, problems with Cortana, problems with Edge and problems with Google’s Chrome browser. There may be others.

Microsoft says these issues will be fixed with the first big update coming this Tuesday [on Patch Tuesday]. There has already been two small updates since the release this past week.

Personally, I may wait at least two months. Windows 10 Pro editions allows delays of feature updates.

[Update 2018/05/10:] While the update for Patch Tuesday has supposedly fixed some issues, there are reports that some are getting a black screen for a lengthy amount of time after installing the update and rebooting.

Adding to the issues of the update [going from v1709 to v1803] are issues with Intel SSD 600P series and 600P Pro series. They could be others but these two series are known to have issues.

Another bug ids that you can’t upgrade if the installation detects an empty drive. Yup. As well, you got ALT+TAB is slow while gaming. Disabling all the options from Focus Assist seems to fix the issue.

Additionally NVIDIA GPU settings are unavailable and finally some audio settings may be lost. I have encountered the reset [or loss] of audio settings after every upgrade.


What has been killed in Windows 10 v1803

[Also known as Redstone 4 or April 2018 Update.]

With every new feature update to Windows 10 comes depreciated and removed features. Some few used or care but there is always a surprise as well. Among those that are depreciated or removed are:


  • Windows Help Viewer: Not a surprise but interesting since for the last few versions prior to Windows 10, Microsoft made available an update to use it and in Windows 10, it was included. If you search a bit, there are various was around this.
  • Phone Companion: This has been replaced by the Phone page in Settings.


  • HomeGroup: This is probably the surprise since it was [when working correctly] the easiest way for computers on a small network could communicate without the mess of setting things up. Great for novices. To share files, folders and printers, you will have to go back to the old ways which is still around.
  • Groove Music Pass: Groove Music Pass has been discontinued. Instead Spotify has been promoted.
  • XPS Viewer: This was Microsoft’s failed attempt to compete with Adobe’s PDF beginning with Windows Vista. Over time, Microsoft had even released documents in PDF format. It isn’t installed by default If you really desperately need it, is still unfortunately  available from the Apps and Features in the Control Panel.


Windows 10 spring update to finally be released

What was supposed to be the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update a month ago is now called Windows 10 April 2018 Update and will be released on Monday.

Those with highly compatible systems will begin to get notified on May 7th about build 17134.

The feature update is still also called Redstone 4 and surprisingly v1803.



Windows 10 spring update still delayed

Microsoft discovered a serious flaw for the feature update [the one that is released every 6 months and takes usually over an hour and multiple reboots] to Windows 10. Because of the flaw, the update with the fix will not be released to the public until early May at the earliest [depending on current testing].

The current tested build is 17134.1. A potential new name is Windows 10 April 2018 Update.


Windows 10 v1803 Delayed

Seems that Windows 10 v1803 [a.k.a. Redstone 4, a.k.a. Spring Creator Update] has been delayed.

Must be something big enough that they will also have a new build – build 17134 – released for it. Rumors say, over the weekend Microsoft may have found a blocking bug which has enough impact to hold the release until the issue is fixed.

Adding to the weirdness, sounds like Microsoft is ditching the name Spring Creator Update. They already said they would ditch the code name [Redstone 4] after this release.


What is new in the Windows 10 Spring Creator Update

With Windows 10 Spring Creator Update [a.k.a. Redstone 4, a.k.a. 1803, a.k.a. build 17133] about to be released, the following are some of the new or updated features:

  • For anyone concerned about exactly what data is being sent to those telemetry servers, the Diagnostic Data Viewer utility offers full transparency.
  • Most of the updates will now take place in the background as well as additional options such as scheduling the updates to be installed at a convenient time.
  • You can now share using WiFi connections or Bluetooth such as contacts, files, web pages and other supported data types. Both sender and receiver must agree to the connection.
  • You can now set upload and download limits to cumulative and feature updates when you do not have the bandwidth.
  • If you are using a local account instead of a Microsoft account, you now have the options to set password recovery options.
  • Using Hyper-V virtualization, Windows Defender Application Guard offers a way to access the web in a secure and isolated session which won’t allow ransomware or otherwise to compromise the system.
  • Microsoft Edge allows the option to turn off the sound to tabs that are playing sounds. Edge also includes clutter-free printing, more extensions support and includes a dedicated tab for extensions in the Microsoft Store
  • Video editors can always use high-powered GPU, regardless of the impact on battery life.
    A new option enhances the start-up apps from the Task manager but elsewhere in PC Settings plus other options.
  • You can now install fonts from the Microsoft Store. Initially there will be a limited selection of free fonts but eventually more fonts [only some free] will be added.
  • Cortana connects to more home automation services, making it possible to control those devices using voice commands from a PC.


Intel not releasing microcode for some CPUs

Intel has decided that it won’t release microcode updates for certain CPUs to fix the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities. Many are Xeon processors. The document in the link mentios Intel’s excuses.

Click here for the list.

Note that if this link becomes bad, change the “04” to the current month. The list gets updated.