Major issue with Windows 10 Fall 2018 Update

[Update 2018/10/23] Microsoft was scheduled to re-release v1809 last Friday but changed their mind. It seems another data loss bug!

According to these users, the Compressed Files feature in Windows 10 version 1809 doesn’t prompt the user when you move files or folders out of a ZIP file and those entities already exist in the target location. Instead, it just overwrites the originals.

[Update 2018/10/15] On October 11, 2018 Microsoft removed the HP Keyboard driver ( from Windows Update to reduce the number of devices affected.  Additionally, Microsoft has released this update to remove the incompatible driver from devices pending reboot. HP is actively working on this issue.

[Updated 2018/10/13] Seems that the reason why some people experienced BSODs after installing the October 2018 patch update for v1809 was because of a faulty HP keyboard driver. I would guess that some of those with a non-HP computer who got hit with a BSOD may have been using an external HP keyboard.

This link explains the situation.

This link has an updated driver. Note that it is dated October 12th and lists as an updated driver for both v1803 and v1809.

As for the original v1809 issues [folder redirections, activation], Microsoft is working on a fix and will be testing the fix. So it may take at least a couple of more weeks.

Unsure but most likely there will be a new build number [and not 17763] and those with build 17763 will probably be required to upgrade to the new build.

[Updated 2018/10/12] Even if you managed to get v1809 installed and didn’t lose files or loss the activation, there is now another headache: Blue Screen of Death. It has been reported that KB4464330, Tuesday’s patch for v1809 will result in BSODs. Microsoft is investigating.

[Updated 2018/10/10] Microsoft has found the issue. Anybody who redirected any of their data folders [i.e. Documents, Pictures, Music, Video, etc.] to another folder or drive would lose their data.

They tried to correct a previous minor issue [leftover empty folder] and instead caused this.

An example of the redirection would be moving the Music folder from the default location [C:\Users\yourname\Music] to say D:\Music because your C drive is small [say you have an older SSD there]. For me this is the case for two of my major folders.

There is an additional problem – even if you didn’t have the file issue. Some users are reporting that their copy of Windows 10 is getting deactivated. I’m hoping this was looked after as well.

Microsoft has corrected the redirection issue [at least] and are now rolling it out to testers.

[Updated 2018/10/06] Microsoft has indeed put a halt to the upgrade of Windows 10 Fall 2018 Update.

This is the second feature update with a major issue.

For further information, click here.

There are some reports that some who have downloaded and manually installed the binary for the Windows 10 Fall 2018 Update [a.k.a. v1809, Redstone 5] have experienced some series issues.

Some complain that after upgrading all their files in the Documents, Pictures, Videos and Music folders are gone. Reverting back to the last version doesn’t bring back the files.

So do a full data backup!

Others report that the Microsoft Edge browser is unstable or the bookmarks are deleted. Well, few use Edge……

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed either. I am guessing this blog could be updated soon.




Google+ to be shut down soon

Google has announced that they are closing the consumer functionality of Google+, their social media platform, due lack of adoption and an API bug that leaked the personal information of up to 500,000 Google+ accounts. [Internally Google+ will still be used.]

Google is claiming that the bug [so far] was not misused and shutting the service due to the security complexity [I guess look at Facebook] in addition to what they claimed they has so few users actually used the service for any length of time.

gplusIn a blog statement, they said that “The consumer version of Google+ currently has low usage and engagement: 90 percent of Google+ user sessions are less than five seconds.” I would assume that is an average as it’s almost impossible to be on for 5 seconds.

Or maybe they shut it down because they know they can’t compete against Facebook.

I still remember early on that if you created a Google/Gmail account, they would automatically create a Google+ account for you without telling you. It was possibly [on purpose] their way to catch up to Facebook in the number of accounts. But if you didn’t know you had an account, how could you use it? Google could say they have 500,000 Google+ accounts.

While at it, I wonder if that 500,000 accounts number is legitimate. From previous reports, it wasn’t doing that well.

Another web site said there are 34 million unique visitors per month which is not that impressive for 395 million supposedly active accounts – not 500 million – and two-third are male and a bit more than half are from the US.

If you claim to have 500,000 accounts, why would you shut down the service permanently instead of keeping it alive and fixing the bug? 500,000 accounts doesn’t seem to be “due lack of adoption”.

But according to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the bug in the Google+ API existed between 2015 and March 2018, which was when Google discovered and fixed the bug. So, if fixed, why shut it down? But then they added “disclosing the incident would likely trigger “immediate regulatory interest”

In any case, this is Google’s third social media platform that they have closed up.

Google+ will slowly wind down over the next few months.

Is the Windows 10 October 2018 Update released?

Ok. At last check, there was no official word from Microsoft but all indications say that the October 2018 Update of Windows 10 [a.k.a. Redstone 5, v1809] has been released.

There has not been any current builds release this week and the Media Creation Tool for v1809 is available.

Just a word of caution: After the April 2018 was a mess, you may want to hold off on upgrading.

As usual, Microsoft will slowly notify people of upgrades. The most compatible systems will be notified first and the least compatible [i.e. those that Microsoft will fix to make sure they can be upgraded] will be done later on

Doesn’t stop you from manually upgrading [maybe at your own risk].

Windows Server 2019 has been released as well.


Office 2019 released

Microsoft has released Office 2019 for both Windows and Mac OS. For Windows, there will not be any MSI based installations. So unless you have a decent Internet speed, it will take forever to download and install.


Miscellaneous computer tips – Volume 11

Tip #1: www missing from Chrome web browser

With version 69 of Google’s Chrome browser, they are now hiding the “www.” and “m.” in the URL. Google claims it’s because they’re just a “trivial subdomain”. If you prefer to show “www.” and “m.” as part of the URL:

Copy and paste the line below into the address bar:


Then for Omnibox UI Hide Steady-State URL Scheme and Trivial Subdomains [usually at the top of the page], select Disable.

Finally click on the Relaunch Now button.

Critics have pointed out several instances where two different sites will now look the same, potentially exposing users to phishing attacks.


Tip #2: Office Picture Manager missing

One thing that is missing from more recent versions of Microsoft Office is the Office Picture Manager. This nice tool was a fast and simple way to view images such as JPG, PNG and BMP.

In addition, you can also do basic image editing such as resizing, auto correct, and saving as a different file type.

So this tip will allow you to restore the Office Picture Manager from Office 2007 [essentially the same edition as in Office 2010].

This can be done before or after the latest Office installation is installed. Download and run the SharePointDesigner.exe file from this location.  Download which is SharePoint Designer 2007.

Review, and then accept the software license.

Click Customize to open the installation options.

On the Installation Options tab, click the down arrow and select Not Available for these three sections:

  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer
  • Office Shared Features
  • Office Tools

Expand Office Tools.

Click the down arrow for the Microsoft Office Picture Manager, and then select Run all from my computer.

Click Install Now, and then click Close.

As a bonus, you could also add the Microsoft Office Document Imaging option which would allow you to add scanning to Office.

Note: After installing the Office Picture Manager, you may have to repair your current Office package.


Tip #3: VMware network drive error

If you are using recent version of VMware Workstation or Player, you may get the message “Could not reconnect all network drives”. But yet if you go to your connected files they are all fine. This seems to be a bug introduced in an early version of VMware Tools but hasn’t been corrected. If you find the message annoying, you can use the following fix:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


; Remove the message “Could not reconnect all network drives” in a VM


; 3 (Demand Start; default)

; 1 (System Start).




Reminder to have a blank line after “Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00”.


Department of Homeland Security issues Gmail warning

This is interesting. The Department of Homeland Security officials actually have warned that Gmail’s new features called “Confidential” mode could put Gmail users at risk in addition to others because of possible extortion or malware by cyber criminals.

The new feature allows users to send emails that vanish after a period of time. It also requires users to verify their identity by clicking a link.

This could be exploited by “malicious cyber actors”. This could include phishing attacks in emails.

The link itself could require users to give up their Google credentials.

[This in addition to terrorists and criminals who are using the limited life of the email to send out messages.]

Therefore, don’t be tempted to use it or click on any link that wants you to open a “confidential” email.

April 2018 update of Windows 10 butchered my system

There was some talk that when this [v1803] feature update first came out, there was drivers issues. Seems it wasn’t fixed.

I upgraded last Saturday night. Seems fine. Upgrade was maybe 35 minutes. No complaints about incompatible updates.

Was fine for the past few days. Didn’t really notice much.

Then I noticed the lock screen was some horrible background – not the one I previously used. Couldn’t change it back. Searched for fixes and none worked.

Tonight I wanted to capture the audio off my cell phone to my computer but my audio features on my computer wouldn’t work. Audio capture application would crash after hitting 20% of the CPU. OK. Tried the web cam and it wouldn’t function. And yet, the Device Manager showed no issues. Even my point and shoot camera wasn’t picked up.

So I did a recovery back to v1709. Suddenly everything is reverse. My lock screen is back, the audio works and my web cam works.

I have the Pro edition of Windows 10, so I can stop v1803 from installing again and delay v1809 [when out this fall] if I need to.

So be warned.