Ed is, well, a computer professional. Using computers since his first computer co-purchased [with his brothers] in 1982 [give or take], an old klunker running DOS 3.1 [I think] with roughly a 4.0 Mhz processor [wasn’t even 4.77 Mhz]. Has over 20 years in the industry, starting with working IBM part time as well as working full time at Motorola, CAE Electronics and various small and medium sized companies.

He has primarily working with Windows since Windows 286 [yes, that long] although dabbled with Linux flavours and Macs along the way.

Cumulatively, almost 10 years of exerience as a systems administrator. Every year I “lightly” support Systems Administrator Day [last Friday in July] – http://sysadminday.com/ .

In case you wondered “blogue” is the French word for blog. I had to add some French content somewhere. 🙂


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