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In a speech at the Center for Popular Democracy’s annual gala recently, Sen. Elizabeth Warren [a Democrat] took aim at Trump’s business record and populist rhetoric during a 10-minute speech. Trump responded by calling Warren “Pocahontas.” She said that during the 2008 financial crisis, Trump was the “man roots for people to get thrown out of their houses? What kind of a man roots for people to get thrown out of their jobs? To root for people to lose their pensions?”

“Elizabeth Warren, she is going out — she is probably the senator that is doing just about the least in the United States senate. She is a total failure.” As usually comments by Trump but nothing to back it up.

Meanwhile, Trump has claimed that other recent Presidential nominees haven’t released their tax returns when in fact, all have since 1976. Then he says “he doesn’t think that the rules that apply to everyone else should apply to him.”

Donald Trump is standing by his comments that “school resource officers” or trained teachers should be the ones carrying guns. He then says than gun free zones should only be eliminated “in some cases.” What cases? How does he distinguish where the zones stay?

“I don’t want to have guns in classrooms, although in some cases teachers should have guns in classrooms, frankly,” he said. Which cases? Does it depend on where the school is located?

“If trained people had guns, you wouldn’t have the carnage that you’ve had.” Tell that to the victims of mass shootings in the US.

“They hear gun free zones and they go in there with their guns blazing.” And I’m sure he has scientific proof on this.

Meanwhile, Trump wrote in 2000 that he supported the assault weapons ban and favored longer waiting periods to purchase a firearm. Trump even said President Barack Obama “spoke for me and every American” when Obama called for action to combat gun violence in the wake of the Newtown school shooting in 2012.

It is interesting to note that those who are backing Trump [such as the NRA] are going after Hillary Clinton more than showing Trump’s record – maybe because Trump continues to flip flop or be very shaky on his record.

While Trump believes that global warming is a bunch of garbage, he wants to build a wall in Ireland. No, not to keep out the British but because he has discovered that the Atlantic waves are eroding the side of his golf course. So he is proposing a 20 foot wide limestone seawall.

As well, there are three class action lawsuits against Trump, well Trump University. Seems even with 10,000 students learning how to become a real estate mogul like Trump [among other things], the “university” abruptly closed its doors.

Neil Young didn’t want Trump to play his “Rockin’ In The Free World” but after paying a licensing fee, Young allowed Trump to use the song. I guess everyone has a price.

The owner of Trump International Hotel & Tower in Toronto wants to sell the joint. Trump gets paid to have his name on the building but that’s it [supposedly]. It opened in 2012 after over 5 years of construction sand delays.

Don’t you just love politics? Marco Rubio was slinging mud at Trump 3 months ago – calling him some not so nice names. 3+ months later he’s praising Trump!


More changes in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

Microsoft has made some further changes in preparation for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update [AE] – which is expected in July.

  • Microsoft is releasing Cortana on the Android platform. Why do so and why related to AE? Cortana can mirror all your Android phone’s notifications to your PC, giving you all your notifications in Windows 10’s Action Center. So if you battery is running low on your Galaxy S7, you will be notified in Windows 10. Directions to a store in Windows 10 will also show up on your Nexus 6P.
  • “Messaging Everywhere” follows the above as it will allow you to send a SMS message from your Windows 10 PC through your phone. Similarly, a SMS message on your phone will show up on your PC.
  • The “Dark Theme” that some seem to like will be available all over Windows 10. Previously available only by a registry setting or by pressing a secret keyboard shortcut in the Store app.
  • Group policies will allow you to switch between Edge and Internet Explorer when some sites do not open correctly in Edge.
  • The Edge browser will support Chrome-style extensions, and Microsoft will provide a tool that helps developers quickly convert Chrome extensions to Edge extensions.
  • Edge will automatically detect and pause Flash content that isn’t integral to the page [such as ads] and you’ll have to click it to play the Flash item. Games and videos on web pages should work normally. Also added are pinning tabs.
  • Windows Hello will now support Windows apps and the Edge browser, so you can securely log into apps and web sites using your fingerprint as well aside from Windows itself. Hello will also be able to unlock your PC with “companion devices” such as Microsoft Band fitness band or any type of smartphone.
  • Go figure. Microsoft initially ditched Skype for Windows [App store version] just before Windows 10 was released. Now, Microsoft will create a new universal Windows app version of Skype that will eventually replace the traditional desktop application when it has enough features.
  • AE will include the Ubuntu command line with all the standard Linux tools. Of course you can’t do some commands such as fsck.
  • The Start menu has changed [again]. The “All Apps” option is now gone as you will just see a full list of installed applications shown on the left side of your Start menu. Your most frequently used and recently added applications will also appear at the top of this list. The three most recently added applications will be shown and you can add to this list to see more applications sorted by install date.
  • In the lock screen, your Email will not appear if you signed in with a Microsoft account but can be enabled, if you wish. Cortana can be used even on a locked screen, if enabled.
  • For Windows Updates, you can specify a schedule where Windows Updates will avoid restarting your computer during that schedule.
  • The Action Center button is now located at the far right corner of the taskbar and is no longer mixed in with the other system tray icons and are now grouped by app in the Action Center. You can also customize the Quick Actions.
  • The File Explorer window now has a new icon and it’s primarily white–with a bit of yellow.

Microsoft still hasn’t given an exact date when AE will be released, but in most cases Microsoft releases major releases on a Tuesday and the day after the 4th of July holiday in the US is a Tuesday.

Do leaders deserve a day off?

Today, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided that, while on a business and G7 trip in Japan, to take the day off from “work” so he can spend the day with his wife for their 11th anniversary.

[The anniversary isn’t until Saturday but I think it is more interesting to take the day off in Japan than to do it in Winnipeg when he is at the party’s convention [and the actual anniversary date]! Right?]

As the leader of the Canadian government, he is technically working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during his term.

At last check, other world leaders are doing the same thing.

I really don’t see the American public complain when US President Barack Obama takes a week off in Hawaii. You think Obama was ever not interrupted for some crisis for 24 hours straight?

I really don’t think it is penny pinching either as Trudeau is paying for him and his wife’s day [travel, food, etc.].

But in one non-scientific poll, at least 20% said they aren’t happy. About 40% said he should pay – which he is doing.

And yet some in the public says he shouldn’t get a day off.

As mentioned before, he is “on call” 24 hours a day. He could be waken at 3:30am because of an important situation. He may be interrupted on his day off for something.

Some will complain what his staff will do while he is off. They get paid just like anyone else. They can prepare for the upcoming days. When a manager at a company takes a day or a week off, does the manager’s people do nothing while the manager is out? No.

I would guess that some who are complaining are doing so just because their Prime Minister candidate did not get elected in the last election.


This week in Trump news


Trump is on the warpath, this time asking the New York Times to retract a story on how he treats women.

In the story the first woman mentioned in the story, former girlfriend Rowanne Brewer Lane, Trump said the Times “spun” her words to make them seem negative. But Brewer Lane did not dispute any of the specific quotes or ask for a correction. But later she told CNN that she was misled and misquoted by a New York Times article. Interesting about the about face. What changed her mind?

Ex-employee Barbara Res told The Times that Trump called her “Honey Bunch” and routinely commented on the physical appearance of women in the workplace. Trump tweeted that he gave Res a top construction job “when that was unheard of”. I guess Trump figures that he can make those comments since he gave her a job.

Meanwhile, no surprise here, the National Rifle Association, is backing Trump.

As well, in an interview with Fox, when the reported asked Trump about his “issues” with women, Trump couldn’t wait to flip things and comment about President Bill Clinton including commenting about rape – which there has never been any allegations about. I guess he’s inventing things. [If, by some fluke, Trump becomes the next president, I can imagine the mess if women come out of the “woodwork” accusing him of sexual harassment, groping, etc.]

After the recent crash into the Mediterranean sea of an EgyptAir airliner, Trump blamed [at least partially] Hillary Clinton. Unsure why. She hasn’t helped run the government in a while and even then had little to do with transportation or airline security. Is he going to blame her for ObamaCare as well? Maybe he will blame her for the typhoons in Asia.

Recent polls state that both Trump and Clinton aren’t that popular but overall, when they had to choose, Clinton has 47% while Trump has 41%. [Fox had Trump with a slight lead but do anyone believe them?]

Some old state records from 1981 show that Trump claimed that his combined income in 1978 and 1979 was negative $3.8 million, allowing him to pay no taxes. A few years earlier, he had told the New York Times he was worth more than $200 million.

I’m wondering if those who prefer Trump know that he has never had a government position and has had multiple bankruptcies, but still managed not to pay any taxes for at least two years.


More software update issues for Apple

According to users, the most recent iOS update, iOS 9.3.2, is reportedly causing problems for some iPads making them unstable. The update addressed a number of issues such as distortion problem with Bluetooth calls on iPhone SE and a dictionary failure problem. No word yet on a fix by Apple.

Not to be outdone, various Apple forum members have been posting about how MacBook Pro systems will freeze following the 10.11.4 update to El Capitan. Reverting back to 10.11.3 will temporarily solve the issue. No word yet on a fix by Apple.

I don’t remember hearing these problems when Steve Jobs was the president/dictator of the company…..


More updates to Windows coming

Non-security updates for Windows 7 SP1 and 8.1 (as well as Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Server 2012 and Server 2012 R2) will be available as a monthly rollup. This means that all the non-security updates will be released as a single update to install.

Microsoft claims this will improve the reliability and quality of our updates. Unsure how this will be true because if one fix “breaks” a system, Microsoft will either have to re-issue the update or provide a separate update to fix the issue.

Also note that when Windows 8 was first released, they were releasing monthly updates to non-security updates. But that seemed to stop in December 2014 for the last monthly rollup for Windows 8.1.

These fixes will be available through Windows Update, WSUS, and SCCM as well as the Microsoft Update catalog.

In addition, within the next few months Windows updates will no longer be available from the Microsoft Download Center. All security bulletins will continue to link directly to the updates, but will point to the packages on the Microsoft Update Catalog instead of the Microsoft Download Center.

Finally, Microsoft Update Catalog website still requires using Internet Explorer at this point because of an ActiveX control used. Later this summer, the site will be updated to eliminate the ActiveX control in order to support other browsers.

No this is not about Trump…

… But if I removed Bernie Sanders name, you thought it maybe be about Donald Trump. After all Trump whined about similar issues. Like Trump, Sanders is not a clear party candidate [Trump switched sides a number of years ago].

Seems now the Bernie Sanders “camp” in the Democratic Party are getting cranky.  Throughout the campaign [against Hillary Clinton], they have been fairly quiet.

Now, after months in the campaign, some backers are unhappy with the party rule saying that the rules favor Clinton for a variety of reasons.

Some have even resorted to sending threatening messages to Nevada state party Chairwoman Roberta Lange after posting her phone number and address on social media. Top Democrats are asking for an apology.

The Sanders campaign condemned unruly behavior from supporters and those who made threats to party leaders but still don’t like the rules.

The Sanders campaign have complained about the nomination process, debates on Saturday night [anything special about a Saturday night?], the use of superdelegates [most will back Clinton because they are long time party members] and why there are closed primaries in major states.

Sanders knew these would be issues prior to the primary season. He knew that the superdelegates will probably support Clinton. As for closed primaries, I believe this is the states’ choice.

He also has to remember that he isn’t a card carrying Democratic Party member but an independent liberal.

The party isn’t about the change the rules in the end of the primaries or force superdelegates to choose for a specific candidate. These are the same rules used in 2008 and the rules were adopted across the country by state parties in 2014.

Did Sanders read the fine print? Just like buying a car, you read [for example] what is and what is not covered by the warranty. Maybe it is a last ditch effort by the Sanders campaign. After all, Sanders is almost mathematically eliminated from the race.



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