“He is a coward”

Former Vice President Dick Cheney excoriated Donald Trump in a new campaign video for his daughter Rep. Liz Cheney. The video was released by Rep. Cheney’s re-election campaign, two weeks before a Republican primary election in Wyoming that the three-term congresswoman is bracing to lose. “In our nation’s 246-year history, there has never been an individual who is a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump,” Cheney said. “He tried to steal the last election using lies and violence to keep himself in power after the voters had rejected him. He is a coward,” Dick Cheney said. “A real man wouldn’t lie to his supporters. He lost his election, and he lost big. I know it, he knows it, and deep down, I think most Republicans know it.”

The Department of Homeland Security’s chief watchdog scrapped its investigative team’s effort to collect agency phones to try to recover deleted Secret Service texts this year. In early February, after learning that the Secret Service’s text messages had been erased as part of a migration to new devices, staff at Inspector General Joseph V. Cuffari’s office planned to contact all DHS agencies offering to have data specialists help retrieve messages from their phones. But later that month, Cuffari’s office decided it would not collect or review any agency phones.

At an event at a Trump property in October 2019, Rep. Matt Gaetz predicted that Trump ally Roger Stone would be found guilty at his trial in Washington the following month but would not “do a day” in prison. Gaetz was apparently unaware they were being recorded by documentary filmmakers following Stone, whom special counsel Robert S. Mueller III had charged with obstruction of a congressional investigation. “The boss still has a very favorable view of you,” said Gaetz, stressing that the president had “said it directly.” He also said, “I don’t think the big guy can let you go down for this.” Gaetz at one point told Stone he was working on getting him a pardon but was hesitant to say more backstage at the event, in which speakers were being filmed for online broadcast.

Trump id an 11th-hour endorsement of “Eric”. He didn’t say whether it was Eric Greitens and Eric Schmidt, who are running against each other in the Republican Senate primary in Missouri. Why? He can’t loose….

The controversial LIV Golf tournament arrived at Trump’s Bedminster golf course in New Jersey. LIV Golf has managed to attract some PGA golfers where Trump said “You have really the best players in the world, many of the best players, and soon you’ll probably have all of them.” Nope 5 [former] top 50 PGA golfers. That is some of the best. “Remember this, if there’s a merger (between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour), the people who didn’t come will never get anything except a thank-you from the people who took advantage of them.” What merger? No one has talked of a merger! The PGA definitely doesn’t want one.

Trump felt slighted when a World Golf Championship left his Trump National Doral course near Miami after 2016 when a replacement title sponsor could not be found. His course was also dropped after his comments following the 2020 election. Backed by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, LIV Golf has been awarding massive money with total signing fees at around US$1 billion so far. The PGA Tour has suspended players who join for violating regulations that require a release to play overseas. It does not grant releases for tournaments held in North America.

Trump was spotted using the presidential seal on multiple items during the LIV golf tournament at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ. The seal was plastered on towels, golf carts and other items as Trump participated in the pro-am event of the Saudi-sponsored tournament. It is against federal law to use the presidential and vice-presidential seals in ways that could convey “a false impression of sponsorship or approval by the Government of the United States.”

Seems Ivana Trump was buried at the Trump National Golf Club. Very boring and bare looking.

However, seems that Trump is in the cemetery business. Ivana is just the first of many. Other Trump family member could be buried then as well as any dull normal that can afford some [expected to be] huge fee. In 2017 local officials had approved two burial grounds at Trump’s New Jersey club: the 10-plot one near the first hole where Ivana now rests and a 284-plot parcel for anybody who wants to buy “eternal membership in Trump’s club.” Since 2017, there has been some changes to as much as 1,000 plots. As it could be a cemetery, the golf course could be allowed to claim a tax credit. There could even be a combined mausoleum and chapel that would double as a wedding venue.

Trump is really out there…..

Donald Trump, at his first speech at the America First Policy Institute since leaving Washington in 2021, outlined a hardline and harsh criminal justice agenda for the Republican Party, praising China’s justice system for prosecuting drug dealers with quick trials, pushing for the death penalty for drug dealers and arguing the federal government should circumvent governors to use the National Guard to fight crime [if that is even legal].

Trump, in no shocker, did call the House select committee investigating the attack the “unselect committee of political hacks and thugs”, went after the two Republicans on the committee, and the committee “really wants to damage me so I can no longer go back to work for you.” As well, still claiming he won the 2020 election – give it a rest already. “I won a second time, did much better a second time. Did a lot better. Did a lot better.” He, at one point, calling police officers his heroes but never mentioned those who died at the Trump Insurrection.

Trump struck a dour tone throughout the speech, painting a picture of a country riddled with crime, drugs and homelessness. “We are a failing nation,” Trump said. He said the same thing in 2017. So I guess 4 years under his rule didn’t change much. “There is no longer respect for the law and there certainly is no order. Our country is now a cesspool of crime.”

Other Republicans say that if he doesn’t stop talking about the 2020 “big lie” and instead talk about what really matter, the GOP may not get the expected wins in 2022 and 2024.

The interest in the 25th Amendment and activities following the Capitol attack comes after former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson testified last month about a “large concern” that the Cabinet and then-Vice President Mike Pence could attempt to remove Trump from office. “There was a large concern of the 25th Amendment potentially being invoked, and there were concerns about what would happen in the Senate if it was,” Hutchinson testified.

But Mark Short, former chief of staff to Pence, said that he doesn’t “recall there being any serious conversation” about invoking the 25th Amendment, saying that using it would have been impractical. “The reality is there was 10 days left in the administration,” Short said.

Pence will sound very much like a White House hopeful looking to lead his party beyond Trump when he touts his “freedom agenda” for the Republican Party in a speech in Washington. At a poke primarily to Trump, “Some people may choose to focus on the past,” Pence’s planned remarks read. “But I believe conservatives must focus on the future.”

Former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, in an interview said Trump requested that 10,000 troops will be ready if needed. Former acting Secretary of Defence Chris Miller said that was never asked. Subsequently, Republicans blamed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who has no control over the troops.

Text messages for Trump’s acting homeland security secretary Chad Wolf and acting deputy secretary Ken Cuccinelli are missing for a key period leading up to the Jan. 6, 2021, Trump Insurrection.

Now it’s the Justice Department is investigating Trump’s actions as part of its criminal probe of efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. Prosecutors who are questioning witnesses before a grand jury — including two top aides to Pence — have asked in recent days about conversations with Trump, his lawyers, and others in his inner circle who sought to substitute Trump allies for certified electors from some states Joe Biden won. BTW, Hutchinson is cooperating with the DOJ probe.

The prosecutors have asked hours of detailed questions about meetings Trump led in December 2020 and January 2021; his pressure campaign on Pence to overturn the election; and what instructions Trump gave his lawyers and advisers about fake electors and sending electors back to the states. Some of the questions focused directly on the extent of Trump’s involvement in the fake-elector effort led by his outside lawyers, including John Eastman and Rudy Giuliani.

Justice Department prosecutors are preparing to fight in court to force former White House officials to testify about Trump’s conversations and actions around January 6. At issue are claims of executive privilege that prosecutors expect Trump to make in order to shield some information from the federal grand jury as the criminal investigation moves deeper into the ranks of White House officials who directly interacted with Trump.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has made clear in public remarks that Trump is not beyond the reach of the investigation because of his status as a former president.  He has also stressed they are taking care to “get this right.” But he’s been in charge for 18 months and has done what?

Not a good sign for Trump when conservative New York Post rails against him. And then The Wall Street Journal. They are both owned by former friend Rupert Murdoch. Would Trump do his usual and go after the publications or Murdoch like he goes after anyone who is against him?

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said Trump called him very recently [!!!] as part of a fresh effort to decertify the state’s 2020 presidential election results. Seriously? 20 months later, Trump is still complaining? On his social media platform Truth Social, Trump hailed the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling as “Great” and “a time to act!” without specifying how. “Robin, don’t let the voters of Wisconsin down!” Trump wrote. He wrote as if Vos was doing something for him.

The Department of Homeland Security’s watchdog has launched a criminal probe into the Secret Service’s erased text messages from around the time of the Jan. 6, 2021, Trump Insurrection.

While none are officially in the race, but possibly joining Trump [if he stops his teasing] include former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, Florida “governor” Rick DeSantis and even Pence.

What Trump almost said

“This election is now over. Congress has certified the results,” Donald Trump was to tell Americans on January 7, 2021, but it was removed from his speech. As well, “I just want to say Congress has certified the results without saying the election is over.”

Trump’s political committees, Make America Great Again PAC and Save America PAC, have paid nearly $2.2 million this year to six law firms whose attorneys have represented witnesses before the House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, Trump Insurrection. If you remember, these PACs have pulled in hundreds of millions supposedly to defend him and allies but this amount comes out to less than 1% of what the PACs raised so far. In fact, very little money accumulated has been spent on defending allies as well as getting allies re-elected.

A firm that employs several former Trump campaign lawyers and former White House lawyer Stefan Passantino has received about $1.6 million so far. The firm at one point represented a key hearing witness, Cassidy Hutchinson. She dumped the firm and then ramped up her cooperation with the panel and delivered bombshell testimony about Trump’s conduct on January 6 at an in-person hearing. Some January 6 committee members are wondering if these law firms, paid by Trump’s PACs are affecting what witnesses are saying.

Steve Bannon, a longtime ally of Trump was convicted of contempt charges for defying a congressional subpoena from the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Trump Insurrection at the US Capitol. Bannon was found guilty after a trial that lasted around five days in federal court in Washington on two counts: one for refusing to appear for a deposition and the other for refusing to provide documents in response to the committee’s subpoena. He faces up to two years in a federal lockup when he’s sentenced. Each count carries a minimum sentence of 30 days in jail.

“He wouldn’t denounce the Proud Boys because they were fighting for him. If someone was fighting for him, no matter how heinous the people, he wouldn’t denounce them,” former Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham said recently. But if you go against him, expect phrases like “I don’t know the person” or other less than positive comments.

“She [press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, her boss] looked directly at me and in a hushed tone, shared with me that the president did not want to include any sort of mention of peace [initially] in that tweet and that it took some convincing on their part,” press aide Sarah Matthews testified after the Trump Insurrection.

Former vice president Mike Pence is endorsing Arizona gubernatorial candidate Karrin Taylor Robson, a developer who has long been involved in Republican politics, instead of Trump’s chosen candidate, Kari Lake, a former TV anchor who continues to falsely claim that the 2020 election was “stolen.” One has been in politics [but on the side line] but the other reported it. Which would you choose?

A Trump administration aide, Garrett Ziegler, who met with the House Jan. 6 committee this week unleashed a 27-minute inflammatory tirade, calling the lawmakers’ investigation into the Capitol riot racist against Christian white people [even though there is at least one visible minority on the committee] and using sexist slurs to describe his former colleagues who also testified. He responded by saying “Total liars! I cherish women” – but I wonder in what way. Considering Trump is the primary aim of the aim, he is no where near what would be called a good white Christian [think adultery, groping, etc.]. The useless aide says he is “the least-racist person that many of you have ever met, by the way. I have no bigotry” but sounds like it.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has subpoenaed Georgia Republican Rep. Jody Hice to appear before the grand jury investigating Trump and his efforts to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia, according to a new court filing. Hice was served the subpoena last month, which called on him to testify before the grand jury this week. Hice went to court regarding the subpoena, and in a new filing, he indicated that he’s trying to move the proceedings from state court to federal court.

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who is trying to quash a subpoena from Georgia and has argued that his role as a lawmaker should shield him from having to testify. Uh huh.

Families of 9/11 victims are urging Trump to cancel a Saudi golf tournament [LIV Golf] that is to be held at his Trump National Golf Club Bedminster on July 29th. The golf course is very close to the epicenter of the New York attacks. Before taking office, Trump at least partially blamed Saudi Arabia for 9/11. BTW, the Republicans were complaining when President Biden went to Saudi Arabia and first bumped the royals on a diplomatic trip. But this? His Doral course in Florida will host the final even of the season in October.

This is funny: “All of those golfers that remain ‘loyal’ to the very disloyal PGA, in all of its different forms, will pay a big price when the inevitable MERGER with LIV comes, and you get nothing but a big ‘thank you’ from PGA officials who are making Millions of Dollars a year,” Trump wrote. “If you don’t take the money now, you will get nothing after the merger takes place, and only say how smart the original signees were.” And why was PGA disloyal? Meanwhile those golfers that ran to LIV Golf for the big money. They aren’t loyal.

Trump’s Bedminster course was supposed to host the 2022 PGA Championship, a major sign that Trump had finally made it. But in the wake of the riot at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, the PGA voted to strip Bedminster of the tournament, eventually moving it to Southern Hills in Oklahoma.

Trump is encouraging golfers to jump to LIV Golf as when PGA and LIVE Golf merges, they will get nothing. They’re merging? Probably not for a long time, if any.

Donald Trump attended his first late wife’s funeral, Ivanka, by entering the church from a side door. He wore a blue suit.

Melania Trump said “As with all first ladies who preceded me, it was my obligation to record the contents of the White House’s historic rooms, including taking archival photographs of all the renovations. Several months in advance, I organized a qualified team of photographers, archivists, and designers to work with me in the White House to ensure perfect execution” in a recent interview. She was photographing a rug! Grisham, her former chief of staff, revealed a text message exchange in which the former first lady responded to a tweet Grisham had drafted calling for the violence on Capitol Hill to stop as it was happening. If Melania Trump was telling the truth, nobody told her in 3+ hours in what was going on. Seriously?

Melania Trump said “And while Ms. Grisham’s behavior is disappointing, it is not surprising or an isolated incident.” She is claiming that Grisham had caused multiple issues. In response to Trump’s statements, Grisham said, “Everything she said is bullshit and she knows it.” Melania took a page out of her husband’s playbook as Donald Trump would throw anyone under the bus who went against him. If Grisham was a problem, why wasn’t she let go?

Trump going for 2024?

There is talk that Donald Trump could start his campaign for the 2024 elects this fall [I would assume after the mid-term elections]. Interesting if Trump tries to start his campaign while the Select Committee in the Trump Insurrection is still going on. He could wait until it’s over and they will put the blame on him. But he’s Teflon Don and will say the usual excuses [illegitimate committee, members of the committee out to get him or destroy his 2024 campaign, etc.].

If he was actually smart, he would wait until just before the deadline to start his campaign because as other may start their campaign [like Ron DeSantis or Ted Cruz] they can’t really go after someone who isn’t campaigning. At the same time, money that comes in while campaigning have stricter rules than prior. Trump can continue to have his paid rallies and not be probed. As soon as he is campaigning, he would need to ask for donations.

Abruptly raising the question of witness tampering, the Jan. 6 committee revealed that Trump had attempted to contact a person who was talking to the panel about its investigation of Trump and the 2021 attack on the Capitol. The person Trump tried to contact declined to answer or respond to his call and instead the person alerted their lawyer who contacted the committee. The committee previously divulged examples of other times witnesses have received outreach from Trump allies, some suggesting he was aware they were talking to the committee, ahead of testimony before the panel.

The panel featured new video testimony from Pat Cipollone, Trump’s former White House counsel, recalling the explosive meeting at the White House when Trump’s outside legal team brought a draft executive order to seize states’ voting machines — a “terrible idea,” he said. “That’s not how we do things in the United States,” Cipollone testified. “Where is the evidence?” Cipollone demanded of the false claims of voter fraud.

A Washington, DC, police officer has corroborated to the House select committee investigating January 6, 2021, details regarding a heated exchange Trump had with his Secret Service detail when he was told he could not go to the US Capitol after his rally. Former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson said that she heard a second-hand account told to her by then-White House deputy chief of staff Tony Ornato that Trump was so enraged at his Secret Service detail for blocking him from going to the Capitol on the day of the insurrection that “he reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel” and “then used his free hand to lunge towards” his Secret Service lead agent Robert Engel. Hutchinson testified that Ornato told her the story in front of Engel and he did not dispute the account.

A government watchdog accused the US Secret Service of erasing texts from Jan. 5 and 6, 2021, after his office requested them as part of an inquiry into the Trump Insurrection. The text messages should be available somewhere or maybe on a backup after the insurrection day. Sill – suspicious. Retrieving backups from the day after should have those missing text messages.

John Bolton, a former US ambassador to the United Nations and former White House national security adviser, said that he had helped plan attempted coups in foreign countries. Bolton suggested Trump was not competent enough to pull off a “carefully planned coup d’état,” later adding: “As somebody who has helped plan coups d’état – not here but you know (in) other places – it takes a lot of work. And that’s not what he (Trump) did.” He initially didn’t say which countries but Venezuela was in the list.

Trump claimed that Elon Musk had told him he had voted for him, when he, in fact, had never voted for a Republican before. “I said, ‘I didn’t know that,'” Trump continued. “He told me he voted for me, so he’s another bulls— artist.” Just remember that Trump has a history of saying things that never happened. Did Musk tell Trump he voted for him? I doubt it. Nothing but a big orange baby.

Musk replied saying, “I don’t hate the man, but it’s time for Trump to hang up his hat & sail into the sunset.” Musk said that he was leaning towards supporting Florida governor Ron DeSantis for president in 2024 and “DeSantis will easily win” in 2024 against Biden.

So Ivana Trump, Donnie’s first wife, died from falling down the stairs. Wonder if there are any conspiracy theories going on. [Is Marla Maples nervous?]

Multiple criminal referrals for Trump?

The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, Trump Insurrection could make multiple criminal referrals of Donald Trump over his role in the US Capitol attack, Rep. Liz Cheney, the committee’s vice chair, said in an interview. “The Justice Department doesn’t have to wait for the committee to make a criminal referral and there could be more than one criminal referral.”

Former Trump acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said that he wouldn’t trust what former White House Chief of Staff Mark meadows said – even under oath. But at the same time he doesn’t trust the House select committee but he does trust those who are under oath [well, not Meadows as much].

Trump is considering sending a letter to Stephen Bannon saying that he is waiving his claim of executive privilege, potentially clearing the way for his former chief strategist to testify before the House select committee investigating the pro-Trump riot at the Capitol. The letter would reiterate that Trump invoked executive privilege in September 2021, when Bannon was first subpoenaed by the House committee. But it would say that the former president is now willing to give up that claim — the validity of which has been disputed — if Bannon can reach an agreement on the terms of an appearance before the panel.

An Atlanta-area special grand jury investigating Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia has subpoenaed a handful of key Trump allies, including his former attorney Rudy Giuliani and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, according to court filings. The subpoenas also cover a handful of the Trump campaign’s other former legal advisers, including John Eastman, Jenna Ellis, Cleta Mitchell and Kenneth Chesebro. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has been leading the investigation digging into Trump’s actions in Georgia. Several state officials have already been subpoenaed and have appeared before the special grand jury.

The special grand jury wants to hear from Graham because the Republican senator allegedly made two calls to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and his staff in the wake of the 2020 election. According to court filings, Graham “questioned Secretary Raffensperger and his staff about reexamining certain absentee ballots cast in Georgia in order to explore the possibility of a more favorable outcome for former President Donald Trump.” The filing also states that Graham brought up allegations of widespread voter fraud, which have been widely debunked.

Giuliani is one of a handful of witnesses who were subpoenaed related to their appearance before Georgia state lawmakers in December 2020. During his early December appearance, Giuliani provided testimony, witnesses and so-called evidence that demonstrated voter fraud, according to court filings.

Trump has found a more legitimate way of making money: he’s going on tour as a “for profit” thing. This continues the Greatest Con in the History of the World. Attendees who paid $55 for a pair of tickets as “citizens,” a general admittance option. At the front, closest to the doors guarded by Secret Service agents, stood a “presidential” tier who shelled out $3,995 each. Top dollar garners a “patriot” experience with a private after-party and access to Trump at over $4000. The proceeds benefit Trump personally as part of a multimillion-dollar deal to speak at the events. The program, the “American Freedom Tour,” is the work of a long-time motivational-speaker promoter with a trail of bankruptcy filings and business disputes across the country. A Trump adviser said very little vetting was done on the organizers.

At the rally event, he hugged an American flag, rattled off grievances about 2020 election and the House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol, mocked transgender athletes, and hinted at a third run for the presidency. Former secretary of state Mike Pompeo, talk radio host Dan Bongino and right-wing influencer Candace Owens are among those speakers. Some of the speakers are hawking financial advise [read: possible scams]. But is this any different than a political rally for him?

Congressional Democrats and Republicans seethed over new reports that the IRS may have targeted Trump’s political enemies with audits, issuing shared calls — backed by the tax agency itself — for a full federal probe into the matter. The demands arrived in response to reports that the IRS initiated detailed reviews into the tax records of James B. Comey, the former FBI director, and Andrew McCabe, a deputy who later took over the agency. Trump repeatedly trained his public ire on the two men, leading Comey to raise the possibility this week that the newly revealed audits amounted to political payback. Trump has said he had no knowledge of the IRS’s work.

Various candidates are using Trump’s name, image and approval even though Trump’s campaign didn’t authorize them to do or Trump has endorsed a competitor. For example, Trump’s lawyer pointed to a recent email with the subject line “ACCOUNT TERMINATION NOTICE” that threatened potential donors with losing “[a]ny chance of continuing to receive our Trump polls, Trump rally alerts, and 2024 Endorsement opportunities” if they did not give money to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. But Trump endorsed Brnovich’s rival, Blake Masters, for the Senate seat in Arizona.

Michael Flynn, the retired Army general and onetime adviser to Trump, was cited by the Defense Department inspector general for failing to disclose lucrative speaking engagements and other business arrangements with foreign entities, prompting the US government to pursue tens of thousands of dollars in penalties against him. Investigators determined that Flynn received nearly $450,000 from Turkish and Russian interests in 2015, including for an appearance in Moscow alongside President Vladimir Putin, but found no records that he had sought government approval beforehand.

Major blow to Trump by Meadows aide

At the beginning of the Trump Insurrection, on January 6, 2021, Trump was informed that some of the protesters in the crowd outside the White House had weapons, but he told officials to “let my people in” and march to the Capitol, testified Cassidy Hutchinson, who was a special assistant to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows. Hutchinson depicted Trump flailing in anger and prone to violent outbursts as the window to overturn his election loss closed and as aides sought to rein in his impulses. Told by security officials that it wasn’t safe to go to the Capitol after he addressed his supporters, he lunged toward the steering wheel of the presidential SUV, she said.

Hutchinson quoted Trump as directing his staff, in profane terms, to take away the metal detectors, known as magnetometers or mags, that he thought would slow down supporters who’d gathered in Washington. In videotaped testimony played before the committee, she said Trump said words to the effect of: “‘I don’t f-in’ care that they have weapons,'” Hutchinson recalled Trump saying. “‘They’re not here to hurt me. Take the f-in’ mags away. Let my people in. They can march to the Capitol from here.'” [So Trump wanted to make it easier for the rioters to get in by removing the metal detectors.]

“Her Fake story that I tried to grab the steering wheel of the White House Limousine in order to steer it to the Capitol Building is ‘sick’ and fraudulent,” Trump said after. He also called her a “total phony” and “bad news.”

Hutchinson said she entered a room and noticed ketchup dripping down a wall and broken porcelain. Trump, it turned out, had thrown his lunch across the wall in disgust over an article where then US attorney general William Barr said the Justice Department had not found evidence of voter fraud that could have affected the election outcome. Trump also denied Hutchinson’s testimony that he threw food and plates.

One of people who may have been trying to influence Hutchinson’s testimony did so at the behest of Meadows. [Story not complete.]

Jan. 6 committee vice chairwoman, Rep. Liz Cheney, says witnesses connected to the Trump administration or campaign have told the committee they have been contacted by former colleagues and others prior to testifying about ‘doing the right thing’ and being loyal. No threats but this is witness tampering.

Some conservative newspapers including the Washington Examiner stunned the right when they chose to go after Trump and his administration after Hutchinson’s testimony.

The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection issued a subpoena to former White House counsel Pat Cipollone after blockbuster testimony from a former aide identified the lawyer as having firsthand knowledge of potential criminal activity in the Trump White House.

Plans to make Trump’s media company public appear to have hit another roadblock. Digital World Acquisition Corp. — the special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) that has agreed to merge with Trump Media & Technology Group — said in a regulatory filing that its board members have received subpoenas from a federal grand jury in the Southern District of New York related to due diligence regarding the deal. Shares of the blank-check company plunged nearly 10% on the news.

Rep. Mary E. Miller, from Illinois, called the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the nationwide right to abortion established nearly 50 years ago in Roe v. Wade a “victory for white life,” which was met with cheers at a rally held by Trump. Later, after plenty of complaints, Miller misread her prepared speech and was supposed to declare the divisive court ruling a victory for the “right to life.” How can you mess up by saying “white” instead of “right to”? We know where her allegiance lies. Trump was smiling and people were clapping.

Federal agents seized the cellphone of John Eastman, a lawyer who pushed false claims that mass voter fraud tainted the 2020 election and who urged Trump and other Republicans to block Joe Biden from becoming president.

Giuliani “tapped” and then complains of pain?

So in case you missed it, Rudy Giuliani, the disgraced former New York City mayor was campaigning to help his son, who’s running for governor for the state of New York.

So a worker at a grocery store came up to him, slapped him on the back and called him a scumbag.

The worker was arraigned on misdemeanor charges over what his lawyer called a “tap.” The worker was initially charged by police with felony assault because the victim is older than 65. But the Staten Island district attorney’s office decided instead on misdemeanor assault plus two other misdemeanors, for menacing and harassment.

Harassment? For calling Giuliani a “scumbag”?

At one point Giuliani reported that “I got hit on the back as if a boulder hit me. It knocked me forward a step or two … It hurt tremendously.” Giuliani complained of “substantial pain” in his back. I would like to see a doctor’s report stating that he was in pain.

But according to the video surveillance, it was a bit harder than a tap but softer than a shove. He didn’t step forward and unlikely to be hurt [even a 78 year old] unless his body is fragile to the point where bones could be easily broken.

“I worry about this little punk for you, because if he can come and hit me, a 78-year-old man, next thing he does is gonna hit you,” Giuliani told his Facebook Live audience. “Between now and the next time we catch him, who knows how many more people he is going to hit,” Giuliani warned. The worker had no prior criminal record and Giuliani is describing the worker as a career criminal that hurts people [or a living]. The worker himself is at least in his 50s.

He also claims that the video was “deceptive”. It’s a conspiracy!

How the “mighty” have fallen. From leading New York City during and after to this mess for the past 6+ years. He basically killed off everything positive he did around 9/11 and instead has tarnished his reputation so badly, I think few would want to be near him.

His son is running for governor in a state generally won by Democrats. Unsure if having the same last name will help or hurt his chances.

More about the Trump Insurrection

At the Road to Majority Policy Conference 2022, Donald Trump called the hearings in Trump Insurrection unfair and one-sided. “A lot of people wanted to go and testify about what they saw and how crooked it was. Meanwhile, the committee refuses to play any of the tape of people saying the good things. The things we want to hear. It’s a one-way street. It’s a rigged deal.” Is he expecting people at the insurrection sang “Kumbaya”, sat around and talked and talked about the weather?

“They are knowingly spinning a fake and phony narrative in a chilling attempt to weaponize the justice system against their political opponents” and the usual other comments he has repeated in the last 18 months. “These are vicious people just like crazy Liz Cheney. They are refusing to release the videos of the transcripts. They are beautiful transcripts.” Beautiful?

He said that it was “simple protest that got out of hand.” I guess he sort of admits there was some violence. He complained that there were no guns at the insurrection. Unsure if that was true but you don’t need a gun to start a riot. There were pipes, sticks, tear gas, projectiles, etc. He is also claiming just a insurrectionist protester died. How about those who’s job was protecting Congress or the 140 who were injured? Shows you that he doesn’t care about law enforcement.

Rep. Jim Jordan, known to be very right wing, tweeted before the conference that “Real America” doesn’t care about the Jan. 6 investigations. Tell that to the 70% of America, according to multiple polls.

Sen. Rick Scott, said. “God favors those who are bold.” So he spoke to God and God replied?

Trump said that the House committee investigating the Trump Insurrection had “terrible ratings”. There has been only one televised hearing and drew over 20 million people. That’s “terrible”?

Videotaped testimony presented at the end of Thursday’s hearing named Reps. Matt Gaetz, Mo Brooks, Andy Biggs, Louie Gohmert and Scott Perry as the lawmakers who sought pre-emptive pardons after or, in at least one case, before the Capitol breach. They were among the most active and outspoken supporters in Congress of Trump’s false claims of election fraud.

The House committee investigating the Trump Insurrection revealed that Sen. Ron Johnson’s chief of staff tried to deliver to Vice President Mike Pence a slate of fake electors backing Trump, raising questions about the Republican’s role in a deliberate and coordinated plan to block Biden’s win and give Trump the presidency. Johnson, not surprisingly, blamed his chief of staff. I’m sure that individual is still employed by Johnson.

Johnson said that someone from the House side, “some staff intern,” brought the envelope to his office and said it needed to be delivered to the vice president. “I had no hand in it,” Johnson said but “he was aware that we got something delivered that wanted to be delivered to the vice president,” but said he did not know who delivered it or what it was. He said his chief of staff “did the right thing” in offering the documents to the vice president.

At one point in late 2020, Trump was ready to dump Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen who was refusing to do anything to overturn the election and Trump was ready to name a successor [a.k.a “Yes Donald, can I have another”] who had no experience related to the Justice Department. All five department heads of the Justice Department [and I’m sure some underlings] were ready to resign if that successor was named.

Back in 2021, Trump had endorsed Republican Senate candidate Mo Brooks, a Trump ally who pushed to have Trump declared the winner in the 2020 elections. But he then dropped his endorsement as Brooks’ showing in the polls were dropping and instead endorsing rival Katie Britt.

But in the primaries, with no clear winner, there is a runoff between Britt and Brooks. Trump still refused to endorse Brooks. If Brooks wins, will Trump endorse him for the third time? Britt is 28 years younger than Brooks and is seen as an “anti-establishment” candidate.

Remember how much Trump pulled in with his defense fund against fraud? 69 Trump allies received a total of $350,000 from Save America. Wow! That comes out to an average of $5000 per ally. Meanwhile an Email sent out stated the fund was “behind” what they should have. This is the big fraud.

Republicans in Texas formally called homosexuality an “abnormal lifestyle choice.” Even after that decision, The managing director of a LGBTQ+ Republican group noted that the 2020 Republican presidential campaign had an official pride coalition, and the gay Republican vote doubled between 2016 and 2020. “President Trump was the most pro-gay Republican that we have ever had” or he just sucked up to every group he could – and this was probably the managing director’s opinion [with no evidence.]. The same would go for doubling how many gay Republicans voted and if so, I’m suspecting a smaller group than gay Democrats.

The Biden administration is banning the use of land mines by the United States across most of the globe, in a decision that reverses Trump-era rules allowing greater employment of the weapons that are blamed for killing thousands of civilians a year — most of them children.

Now that Mehmet Oz has won the Republican primary, he’s used the Trump playbook and has dropped Trump from his web site. He’s removed pictures of Trump, Trump’s endorsement, and hasn’t been on Trump’s Truth Social platform since the primary.

Although the poll was taken by the University of New Hampshire, Ron DeSantis has over taken Trump in a poll by 2%. Probably a statistical tie. However, just 7 months ago, Trump had a 25 point lead. DeSantis has not asked Trump for a formal endorsement [not surprising as they are running against each other] and isn’t planning to. “If I faced him, I’d beat him like I would beat everyone else,” Trump said.

Trump Insurrection Committee ramps up

There was no surprises when the January 6 House committee announced that Donald Trump was to blame for the Trump Insurrection. And still no surprises how Trump allies attacked the decision.

Rep. Elise Stefanik, the Republican conference chair, argued that the hearings are designed to distract voters from other issues such as inflation, baby formula and crime, and called them “a smear campaign” against Trump. Last I checked, there are plenty of congressmen and women and this is not the only committee running and committee members still do their “regular” jobs in congress.

A poll concluded that about 70% of Americans do want to know what happened before, during and after January 6th. A poll in February found that 65% of Americans characterized the Jan. 6 attack as either a “crisis” or a “major problem” for the country.

More than 800 people have been charged with criminal activity in connection with Jan. 6, according to the Justice Department, including over 250 individuals charged with assaulting or impeding law enforcement. The Justice Department announced the arrest of a Republican gubernatorial candidate in Michigan, Ryan D. Kelley, on misdemeanour charges related to his participation in the Jan. 6 riot.

Former attorney general William P. Barr offered a blistering assessment of the man he’d spent years defending: In 2020, after losing the election, Trump appeared “detached from reality” and obsessed with fantastical notions of voter fraud. But Barr has said he does not want Trump to be the Republican presidential nominee in 2024 — but if he is, he will still vote for him. Barr also said Trump is responsible, but not criminally liable, for the Trump Insurrection.

Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien and other top aides testified at the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol attack that they believed the 2020 presidential race was too close to call on Election Night, but Trump nevertheless declared himself the winner. Stepien said that Trump “thought I was wrong. He told me so.” Stepien oversaw the “conversion” of Trump’s presidential campaign to a “Stop the Steal” effort, according to a subpoena issued by the committee last fall.

Stepien and senior adviser Jason Miller testified that the festive mood at the White House on election night turned as Fox News announced Trump had lost the state of Arizona to Joe Biden, and aides worked to counsel Trump on what to do next. They pushed back against Rudy Giuliani who was encouraging Trump to declare himself the winner.

Another witness is the former US attorney in Atlanta, BJay Pak, who abruptly resigned after Trump pressured Georgia state officials to overturn his presidential defeat. Trump wanted to fire Pak as disloyal, but Pak stepped down after Trump’s call urging Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” enough votes to overturn Biden’s win in the state became public.

“Once the evidence is accumulated by the Justice Department, it needs to make a decision about whether it can prove to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt the president’s guilt or anyone else,” said Rep. Adam Schiff, a panel member.. “But they need to be investigated if there’s credible evidence, which I think there is.”

[I would love to see the House committee refer their investigation about Trump and some of his cronies to the Department of Justice and both Republicans on the committee agreed to it.]

Trump has repeatedly attacked Liz Cheney, saying of Cheney at a recent rally for Hageman in Wyoming: “She’s the face of the Washington swamp and the same failed foreign policy of the Clintons, Bushes, the Obamas, the Bidens and the entire sick political establishment.” Better than the inept, corrupt, slanderous, racist, crooked, groping idiot he is.

Three days before Congress was slated to certify the 2020 presidential election, a little-known Justice Department official named Jeffrey Clark rushed to meet Trump in the Oval Office to discuss a last-ditch attempt to reverse the results. Clark, an environmental lawyer by trade, had outlined a plan in a letter he wanted to send to the leaders of key states Joe Biden won. It said that the Justice Department had “identified significant concerns” about the vote and that the states should consider sending “a separate slate of electors supporting Donald J. Trump” for Congress to approve. In fact, Clark’s bosses had warned there was not evidence to overturn the election and had rejected his letter days earlier.

Judge Carl Nichols of the DC District Court rejected former Trump advisor Stephen Bannon’s motion to dismiss the contempt of Congress against him, including his arguments that the House select committee’s subpoenas were illegal and that he was protected by the secrecy of the presidency because he had been in contact with Trump at the end of his administration.

The biggest “election” fraud: Trump pulls in $250 million for his “defense fund” since the end of 2020, claiming it was for a “defense fund” and yet what defense? To fight voter fraud? It didn’t exist. Is he going to pocket it? His people send out up to 25 Emails a day asking for money. [Can he be considered one of the biggest spammers as well?]

Write [or talk] if want easy work: Kimberly Guilfoyle, a fundraiser for Trump and the fiancée [still?] of his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., spoke for less than three minutes at the rally on Jan. 6, 2021, that preceded the Capitol riot. For her appearance, she was compensated $60,000 by Turning Point Action, a conservative non-profit led by Charlie Kirk.

Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, pressed 29 Republican state lawmakers in Arizona — 27 more than previously known — to set aside Joe Biden’s popular vote victory and “choose” presidential electors who’d vote for Trump.

Trump Insurrection Committee gets televised

At the first publicly televised night of the investigation of the Trump Insurrection on January 6, 2021:

  • Former Attorney General Bill Barr, who said he told Donald Trump at the time that his fraud claims had no merit. Barr told the committee members that he had told Trump it was all “bull—-.”
  • Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, told the panel that Barr’s declaration “affected my perspective…. I respect Attorney General Barr so I accepted what he said.” Donald has already thrown her under the bus.
  • Trump adviser, Jason Miller, told the panel that campaign advisors had told the president in “clear terms” that he had lost the election.
  • Rep. Bennie Thompson, the chairman of the panel, said Trump’s call for people to come on Jan. 6 “energized” members of the Proud Boys and other extremist groups. They highlighted Trump’s comment at a presidential debate that the Proud Boys should “stand back and stand by.”

According to early Nielsen estimates, nine of the channels that carried the hearing averaged a combined 19 million viewers during the two-hour hearing. This data doesn’t count every TV channel, however, or most web streaming, so the true total is larger.

Trump allies are asking why spend time and money on this while nothing is being done about inflation or the baby formula shortage. You don’t need a committee for these issues and if anything can be done the Republicans are blocking anything that the Biden administration has done.

Various right wing news outlets covered the televised hearing but tweaked it their way. Fox News didn’t cover it, but the Fox Business Network did!

About 70% of the US still wants to know what happened on January 6th.

It was as early as two weeks prior to the Trump Insurrection that Donald Trump could accompany his supporters as they marched on Congress to demand he stay in power. This had the Secret Service scrambling to make plans to secure a motorcade route. A D.C. official confirmed that the Secret Service sought D.C. police for help with a presidential motorcade on Jan. 6. The D.C. police said no. No permit had been issued for such a march.

Trump previously said that his wishes to go to the Capitol on Jan. 6 were blocked by the Secret Service. But Trump’s early insistence on joining a march has not been previously reported, nor was it known publicly that Secret Service officials considered taking steps to transport him there just as the chaotic events were about to unfold. And this is Trump – doesn’t look like the Secret Service blocked him. A Secret Service spokesman said agents in charge of Trump’s security never formalized a plan to bring Trump from the White House to the Capitol.

The Trump campaign directed a group of Georgia Republicans to meet in secret and obscure their objectives in an email obtained by federal prosecutors as part of their recent investigation into Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the election in several swing states. “I must ask for your complete discretion in this process,” Robert Sinners, Trump’s election day operations lead in Georgia wrote. “Your duties are imperative to ensure the end result — a win in Georgia for President Trump — but will be hampered unless we have complete secrecy and discretion.”

Trump endorsed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for another term in Congress, calling him “an outstanding Representative for the people of California, and a strong and fearless Leader of the House Republican Conference.” The endorsement comes nearly two months after the release of tapes featuring McCarthy privately bashing Trump in the immediate aftermath of the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. Was the delay in endorsing McCarthy because of McCarthy’s comments? Even without the comments, McCarthy’s was one of Trump’s biggest supporters.

The attorney discipline arm of the Washington DC Bar has brought a case against former Trump lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, for pushing unsubstantiated election fraud accusations in a Pennsylvania federal court on behalf of Trump after the 2020 election. In the new filing from the DC bar, Giuliani is accused of violating Pennsylvania’s Rules of Professional Conduct. The disciplinary office filing, called a charge, further puts Giuliani’s status as a lawyer in jeopardy. Giuliani had already been suspended from practising law by the New York bar as that office also investigates his election fraud efforts on behalf of Trump in court.

If you’re a Republican, you can’t even lie to Congress or lie to an FBI agent or they’re coming after you,” Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert said. So he has lied in Congress or to the FBI? Both are against the law. Gohmert tried to cast former Trump adviser Peter Navarro’s treatment with the not guilty verdict issued last week by a federal jury in the case of Michael Sussmann, a Hillary Clinton lawyer accused of lying to the FBI over his role in that campaign.

Gohmert has a history of odd-ball comments. When he contracted the virus in July 2020, he blamed mask-wearing people. Gohmert has compared homosexuality to bestiality, endorsed a column likening Barack Obama’s presidency to Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship and warned anyone who will listen that evil-doers are making ‘terror babies’ who will be trained abroad only to return some day to wreak havoc in America. Gohmert also has pushed false claims about January 6, including that some of the insurrectionists were being targeted for prosecution.

Remember Trump ordered two new modern Air Force One jets from Boeing? They may not be flying at least until 2024 but more likely by 2026. Boeing has delays in finding workers with security clearances. Also delays with the contractor for the interior. Then there is an issue with the paint. Yes! The darker blue that Trump requested on the bottom of the jets — which some observers say is similar to the color scheme on one of Trump’s personal jets — poses challenges to the military planes’ sophisticated electronics system that ensures the president can stay in secure communication with officials on the ground. Of the proposed $3.9 billion contact, Boeing could lose at least $1 billion in fines because of delays. Boeing CEO said they shouldn’t of agreed to build the two jets. The paint scheme that Trump wanted has now been pulled.