Installing Windows 10? Wait!

Seems there are numerous reports of even just trying to get the Windows 10 upgrade installation going – let alone issues during or after the upgrade installation.

I’ve had two cases myself. First one has my upgrade for the Windows Insider [testing] failing giving me one of the best messages I’ve seen ever….


I guess you can see the message has a very good explanation. Right? :-)  I’ve sent off a message in the Insider forum and got back a message that it is a known issue and are working on it. This was from an ISO image I downloaded.

Actually the other message was similar. Instead of using the ISO image, I was using the Media Creation Tool, which allows you to create a DVD, a USB key or save to an ISO image. But it also allows you to upgrade. It failed on a different system before it began with a similar message as above.

As I said, there has been some other issues along the way such as crappy video settings [fixed by getting the latest drivers off the manufacturer’s web site] and upgrading even though the video card wasn’t supported yet.

This is one of many reasons why I would suggest you wait a bit.

Note: The Media Creation Tool can be used to upgrade an installation but if you haven’t seen the Windows 10 icon in your system try, maybe there is an issue. Use at your own risk.

Grab your Windows 10 binaries!

You can [manually] download the Windows 10 binaries for “offline” installations here.

You can choose the version [“Home” or Professional], architecture [32 or 64 bit], language and media choice. Media choice is either to a USB key [you will need an 8GB one], DVD or an ISO image.

You have the option to even create a dual architecture installation with both 32 and 64 bit binaries. You may need a dual layer DVD if burning to a DVD.

Just a reminder, you can only upgrade within the same architecture. Additionally, if using the installation to upgrade, you just choose the same version [you can’t go from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 10 Professional].

One of the links on the page brings you to the FAQ page.

The end of the world started….

No. Not Armageddon. Windows 10.

Windows users where it has reached July 29th [China, Indonesia, probably Australia] have started to upgrade to Windows 10 according to various web sites.

Unsure if you can “cheat” by just moving your clock forward now and back after the upgrade. Maybe it detects your location by the IP address. Haven’t tried. Won’t anyways.

Personally I’m holding off for a while. I know my sound card won’t be supported with a full set of software until October. Still unsure what will be with my video card. ASUS [the manufacturer] won’t even let me install the latest windows 7 drivers – now at 15.7.

If you want to be a guinea pig, go ahead.

Emergency out of band patch from Microsoft today

Microsoft is to release a critical out-of-band patch today [Monday, July 20] at 1pm EST/10am PST.

As usual, no word on what the patch fixes until it is released.

An out-of band patch is released when an issue is actively being exploited and Microsoft believes it can’t wait for the next “Patch Tuesday” – 3 weeks away.


US politics Canadianized

I’m wondering if Canadian politics is taking a page from US politics.

The governing Conservative Party in Canada has been recycling various ads in different forma on TV for over a year now. They are aiming the ads at Justin Trudeau, Liberal party leader and son of the late Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

The Conservatives have been going after him as soon as Trudeau became leader. It started off with an excerpt of Trudeau dancing around bit like a fool and showed him in the ad the he was immature to be a PM. In fact, the footage came from a charity event a few years before.

Recently they have a [scripted] round table between 4 people, one a senior citizen. They all give negative opinions of Trudeau with one woman actually saying he’s just not ready now [but maybe in the future] – a bit of a surprise there.

One part in particularly said that Trudeau was shown to have said “the balance would budget itself” which sounds a bit odd but was put out of context as the Conservatives failed to include the part of the interview prior to this sentence.

The Conservatives then focused a recent ad on the senior who stated [among other things] that the Liberals would kill the income splitting program [which they said they would because only few Canadians would take advantage of this] and then assumed a similar program for seniors would be killed [that was never announced].

As well in the ad the senior said that the tax free account would be killed, when in fact the Liberals would keep the status quo as it is is right now and not the proposed increase by the Conservatives which would favor only the well to do.

Trudeau is in favor of legalizing marijuana and the Conservatives pounced on it claiming – somehow that it would be sold to children. Meanwhile the government is thinking of loosening some restrictions by issuing fines instead of jail time for processing marijuana.

Of note, recent polls have the rival New Democratic Party in a virtual three-way tie with the Conservative and liberal parties and yet, the Conservatives haven’t attacked [as yet] the NDP or their party leader Thomas Mulcair.

You can find further information, video and source information at and other sites.

Here’s a stack of free Microsoft eBooks

Available in multiple formats….

[What a monster link!]

Sniff. We’ll miss you! [Or not!]

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