Light malware installed in Samsung Kies software

A recent update to the Samsung Kies software installs some software in the background that may be considered unnecessary [and in some cases some consider it a very basic bit of malware]. Kies is used by a bunch of Samsung products including smartphones, MP3 players, etc. and is used for syncing and backing up data, firmware updates, etc.

The software is called Content Safer and has to do with DRM [digital rights management, basically a way to control audio and video files from being copied illegally]. It has been around for at least 5 years but only installed in update version [and probably later] of Kies.

If it is installed but you haven’t booted the system since the update, there is time to stop the stuff from running [permanently] when you boot up. Once it has been installed and you rebooted, it is a different story. There is no uninstall option.

A workaround is to remove Kies [you can keep the USB drivers installed] and then re-install. Don’t reboot.

[Note: Setting in Kies are lost. You will have to set things up.]

Create a REG file from the content in the box below:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Double click on the file. Click on “Yes” twice and then “OK” for the third question.  While it is installed, it won’t run. If by some chance it is actually needed, reinstall Kies.

Note: Keep the .REG file. It will probably be needed for further updates.

An alternative would be not to update Kies but that could cause problems with further program enhancements.

Complain to Samsung. They should give the option to allow this to be installed or not – just like the other options. If you aren’t using DRM content, this is not needed.

As usual, use at your own risk. You may wish to backup the registry before proceeding.


Update: Newer versions of the Kies software don’t seem to include the DRM software.


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4 Responses to Light malware installed in Samsung Kies software

  1. Luxor says:

    I had to install Kies last week (actually ODIN did the trick so I uninstalled Kies) but I found ContentSafer in my startup today. I hadn’t rebooted yet since then, so I just removed it and deleted the .exe. Nothing really happened when it was installed, though.

  2. italian botolo says:

    Newer Kies versions (as of Kies3) install a suspicious .dll library then create some weird/garbage regkeys promptly detected (and fixed) by most anti-malware SW. Hooray for you Samsung and thanks a million for the rootkit.. 😦

    • ebraiter says:

      Hi. I have Kies 3 and never had any issue with Kies 3. Regularly scan my system plus 2 separate anti-malware applications. I hope you know what a rootkit is as that doesn’t sound like one.

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