Warning about a silent Windows 10 driver update

Over the last few days there has been a few cases where Windows 10 [I am guessing v1703 at the very least] has silently installed an update.

That update actually butchered [in these 3 cases that I know of] the video card drivers. Instead of 1920*1080, the highest display dropped to 1280*1024 as the video card wasn’t supported in Windows 10 but somehow, it did install some decent drivers originally.

If you have this problem, use the System Restore to go back to a date prior to the installation. Then apply the 6 steps at the bottom.

If System Restore doesn’t work, the follow these steps, rebooting at the end if needed:

  1. Go to Device Manager in the Control Panel.
  2. Select Display Adapter and then choose the display adapter shown.
  3. Right click and select Update drivers.
  4. Then Browse my computer for driver software and then Let me pick from a list of device drivers.
  5. Choose the drivers probably with a date from 2015 [may be just one].

If your computer is using old hardware, you may want to disable the option to let Windows automatically update hardware drivers.

To turn off Windows checking for hardware drivers via Windows Update:

  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. Click System.
  3. Click Advanced system settings from the left sidebar.
  4. Select the Hardware tab.
  5. Press the Device Installation Settings button.
  6. Choose No, and then press the Save Changes button.

A negative issue turning this option off is that you will have to update drivers on your own and if you add any hardware, there may be some issues adding the hardware.




And another wacky week for Trump

An interview on Access Hollywood that was never aired came to light in the fall of 2005. In it, Donald Trump bragged about trying to have sex with a married woman and being able to grope women. Trump is heard discussing women in vulgar terms during off-camera banter during the taping of a segment for “Access Hollywood,” footage which was obtained by The Washington Post.

During the lewd conversation captured by a microphone Trump was wearing on his lapel, Trump recounts how he tried to have sex with an unidentified married woman before bragging that he is “automatically attracted to beautiful (women)” and just starts “kissing them.” The conversation came just months after Trump married his third and current wife, Melania. [That should be an interesting topic in their next meal.]

In the video he also claims that celebrities like him get a free pass to kiss and grope women.

“Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course – not even close.” But as this is Trump, Bill Clinton either never said anything or Trump exaggerated…. As usual.

“Hillary Clinton was married to the single greatest abuser of women in the history of politics,” Trump told the New York Times in a recent interview. “Hillary was an enabler, and she attacked the women who Bill Clinton mistreated afterward. I think it’s a serious problem for them, and it’s something that I’m considering talking about more in the near future.” More over-exaggeration.

He even apologized for the first time since…. Who knows, by saying “”This was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago…. I apologize if anyone was offended.” I think it makes little difference. With the way information is stored for years now anything can be dug up. This should cause quite a few ripples in the campaign.

Trump has been criticized in this campaign for derogatory and lewd comments about women, including some made on TV and live radio. In a recent interview, Trump said that those comments were made for entertainment. Being the President of the US isn’t an entertainment stunt. He then said “There’s nobody that has more respect for women than I do.” Well you don’t make vulgar comments about them if you respect them.

As part of the backlash, Republicans have started to distance them from him. Even his running mate, Mike Pence, avoided the issue in public. Pence was “beside himself” and his wife was furious, according to a person familiar with their thinking. Many of them don’t want to be associated with him for the fear of losing their own election battles.

House Speaker Paul Ryan says Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is no longer attending an event with him scheduled the day after a tape surfaced of Trump crudely saying he had open season to grope and kiss women because he was famous.

To add to the mess, on the same day Trump had [as usual] unsubstantiated claim about immigrants in the U.S. illegally voting in a previous election.

The New York Times report that the Republican presidential nominee reported a $916 million loss in 1995 — and could have gone 18 years without paying federal income taxes as a result — has set off new questions about Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns and his business acumen.

Some [like Rudy Giuliani] suggest not paying taxes makes Trump a “genius” but he lost over $900 million in one year [and who knows how many millions before and after that year]. This is not losing money in the stock market but in income. Giuliani compared Trump’s losses to “I mean, people like Steve Jobs were fired by Apple and came all the way back.” Problem is that there is no indication Jobs lost $900+ million in a single year.

Giuliani argued that Trump could have faced legal trouble for paying more than necessary in taxes. CNN’s Jake Tapper asked: “Sued by who? Who would sue him for paying personal income taxes?” “Investors in his business, people who loan money to his business, banks that loan money to his business,” Giuliani said. Uh huh.

Trump whined that why didn’t Clinton change the tax laws after she commented that he didn’t pay taxes. Does he forget that she was secretary of state and not the treasurer or the President.

A report leaked out that Trumps campaigned sent out tweets that his campaign won the debate…. Before the debate began.

With roughly a month until Election Day, the campaign has yet to schedule the $100 million in television advertising that his campaign boasted about just two weeks ago. The campaign has just half that amount scheduled.

“When you talk about the mental health problems, when people come back from war and combat, they see things that maybe a lot of the folks in this room have seen many times over. And you’re strong and you can handle it, but a lot of people can’t handle it. And they see horror stories, they see events that you couldn’t see in a movie — nobody would believe it,” Trump said. So Trump basically told a room full of veterans that PTSD only affects those who aren’t “strong”. This coming from someone who never served in the armed forces.

In an unusual move after the US government accused Russia of hacking into the DNC servers and interfering in the election, diplomats said that Russia had lodged a formal complaint with the United Nations over a top U.N. official’s condemnations of Trump.

When Eric Trump said his father would release his tax returns when Clinton releases the 30,000 Emails, it showed that it is like a negotiation and nothing is stopping Donald Trump from releasing his tax returns. No audit issues which Trump says exist.

Surprisingly, after the first debate Trump told CNN he thought Holt did a “great job” and described the questions as “very fair.” But his aides and advisors said that the first debate’s moderator, NBC’s Lester Holt, didn’t ask Clinton questions about controversies like the Clinton Foundation or the 2012 Benghazi attack — while grilling Trump on his birtherism and his refusal to release his tax returns.

Trump claims that every “online poll” said he won the first debate. Then he said most polls. When he was at a rally he said the debate was “rigged”. When he stepped off the stage, he told a CNN guy he did very well. Huh? If rigged, how did he win?

Mike Pence claimed Trump used the tax code “brilliantly” during a “tough time” during the vice-presidential debate. Who’s tough time? Was there a recession in 1990? [It came after 1990.] Maybe Trump had a “tough time”.

Pence also picked and choose which questions he wanted to answer ignoring Trump’s criticisms of a federal judge, women and immigrants – for example.

Oh well. Trumps alma matter, Wharton College at the University of Pennsylvania, have distanced themselves from him.

Upsetting Nevadans, Trump mispronounced Nevada – always a sticky point with them.

Donald Trump wanted to fire female employees he considered unattractive and replace them with better-looking women at a golf resort he owned, according to court documents from a 2012 lawsuit. The lawsuit that alleges Trump pressured employees at the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos to replace those he viewed to be unattractive female employees over a number of years in the 2000s. Management rotated employees schedules “so that the most attractive women were scheduled to work when Mr. Trump was scheduled to be at the club.” They also allege that Trump himself made inappropriate and unprofessional comments toward female employees. According to the LA Times’ report, “the bulk of the lawsuit was settled in 2013” with a $475,000 payment to plaintiff employees without any admission of wrongdoing.

In Iowa days after the debate, Trump said, “Raise your hand, Christian conservatives everybody,” It drew a smattering of cheers and raised arms. And then, he added: “Raise your hand if you’re not a Christian conservative, I want to see this, right. That’s — oh, there’s a couple, but that’s all right. I think we’ll keep them right? Should we keep them in the room, yes? I think so.” That raised a few eyebrows.

Trump has taken his political attacks a step further, questioning, with no evidence, whether the Democratic nominee is “loyal” to her husband. “I don’t even think she’s loyal to Bill, if you want to know the truth. And really folks, really, why should she be?”

Rudy Giuliani answered the charge that he faces accusations of infidelity recently by saying it’s not just him. “Everybody does,” the former New York City mayor and Donald Trump supporter said. Uh huh. “And I think your bringing up my personal life really is kind of irrelevant to what Hillary Clinton did. She’s running for president, I’m not,” said Giuliani – this after being married for the third time. What did Hillary Clinton do?

When mayor of New York City, Giuliani married his second cousin and used the NYPD to provide chauffeur and security services to his mistress.

Barbara Bush, a daughter of former President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush, attended a Hillary Clinton fundraiser in Paris, according a source familiar with the event.

Trump isn’t too popular in Canada. If Canada could vote more than half of the population would vote for Clinton while just over a quarter would vote for Trump. The undecided dropped from 40% in a previous poll to under 20%.

Last December, someone tried to organize a rally in Toronto at the Trump Tower through a Facebook page. 5 people said they were going. In the end not even the organizer showed up. No one did.

With just 15% of Americans in Canada voting [if using the statistics from the last election], the Democratic party is trying to change that. They have teams in Canada trying to get Americans there to vote. No groups for Republicans.

Trump had floated the idea of creating a super PAC to oppose any future Ted Cruz runs for public office.


Entertainment industry trends for audio and video releases

The music industry has always released various ways to make money For instance, of late there are a number of box sets [a.k.a. “Super Deluxe Editions”] that have been released over the past couple of years. Some are for albums that deserve the attention [i.e. classics]. Others, not really.

In many cases, there box sets include not only music, but a DVD or Blu-ray of a concert from that era, maybe a LP [album release] as well as a book and reproductions of some stuff from the era.

Some of them are worth the money. Others sound more like a cash grab.

For example, Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road includes the album, a bunch of B’sides and cover versions [others, mostly lesser known artists covering tracks from the album], 2 CDs from a concert from the era and a documentary from the era. The album is the same mix as the previous release about 10 years earlier. There are no new extra tracks. The covers weren’t bad but not great. The documentary wasn’t too long and needed a bit of cleaning . Those who have the 2CD/DVD release from around 10 years ago will frown because the Classic Album feature is not in this new package. While at it, the 5 discs came in thin cardboard sleeves The book included was good.

In another example, Peter Gabriel release a box set for the album So [and toured quite a bit for it]. He was a bit late as it was just over 30 years since the release. What beefed many was that during this era, Gabriel released quite a large amount of B’sides and mixes for various singles in addition to work on various soundtracks. Seemed at one point, every soundtrack had a Gabriel track on it. Problem was that none of the extra tracks made it in the box set [unless you count 3 tracks included as a single and digital download]. The “DNA” album [basically demos] were interesting. Also included 2 CDs from the live In Athens DVD.

Gabriel then released separately the Classic Albums documentary on DVD and Blu-ray and in a bit of oddness, released the live In Athens separately with the “Play” DVD [all of his promotional videos until sometime last decade] with it. The head scratcher was that the Blu-ray edition of Live In Athens featured the full concert [including the opening act] but “Play” was also included – but on DVD.

Worth the money? Debatable.

One of the best packages [but a bit pricey] was Bruce Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town. It was released in 3CD/3DVD and 3CD/3Blu-ray editions [so you didn’t have 3 discs with nothing to play with them as many times they include both DVD and Blu-ray editions]. The packaging is a reproduced spiral binder with slots for the 6 disc plus handwritten lyrics [reproduced], pictures, notes, etc. Aside from the remastered CD, you have 2 discs worth of out-takes that are [I believe all] unreleased. The 3 video discs include the full album performed live in the past few years, a concert film from that era [a real treat] and a documentary of the making of the album.

The only downside was that the documentary was released separately with some interesting extras.

As well, the same can be said for non-box set releases.

The Who just recently release the Quadrophenia Live In London release. During that tour [I was at one show], they played the full Quadrophenia, went for a break and they played a bunch more of their classics – always finishing with the less than interesting Tea and Theatre [not a classic]. Problem is that all the releases [CD, DVD and Blu-ray] list the non-Quadrophenia tracks as bonus tracks. The DVD and Blu-ray have them separate – so you don’t have the same concert experience. There was no other extras. They couldn’t do a short interview or maybe use the press conference announcing the tour?

Not the first time this was done. A number of years, Bryan Adams released a DVD concert from [I think] Japan where three tracks were pulled from the concert and released as “extras”. Nothing else was included.

Of course there is also the music CD release [or even on a digital download site] where they throw in a bonus track. There was no release without the bonus track. So why call it a bonus track. Will people buy it knowing that there is an exclusive track included that isn’t available elsewhere?

Computer Tip: Slow YouTube (or other) videos?

I have had plenty of questions over the years regarding why sometimes YouTube [or other video web site] aree showing a video that I want to see but either the video buffers quite a bit or is very choppy.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  • There is too much traffic at that web site [or somewhere from your computer to that web site].
  • You have a slow Internet connection to start off width. [Not all connections are the same. If you are paying what some would consider a cheap price for the Internet, you probably have a slow connection.]
  • You are using Wi-Fi. If your signal isn’t strong enough, try moving closer to your Wi-Fi router.
  • You are opening other videos at the same time.
  • You are already using quite a bit of your bandwidth for something else.

Outside of the above reasons and their solutions [most of them are obvious], there isn’t too much you can do to correct the problem.

One solution is to start the video and then pause the video. Watch as the buffer bar scrolls across the video’s window. Once it is finished or close to finishing, resume in playing the video. YouTube has an option to reduce the videos resolution [thereby reducing the amount of transferred] but the default is usually at the lowest resolution.

Another solution is to try watching the video at another time during the day or evening. If the problem persists, then it could be your Internet bandwidth.

Note that most videos require the free Adobe Flash Player to play a video.