Miscellaneous computer tips – Volume 4

Tip #1:

If you have upgraded to Windows 10 Anniversary Update [v1607], you may come across the error “Unspecified Error” when you open File Explorer from the task bar or other locations.

To correct the problem, change the default view of File Explorer from “Quick Access” to “This PC”. To do so, go to Control Panel and click on the File Explorer Options applet. Change the “Open File Explorer to” option to “This PC”. Then you’ll be able to open File Explorer from the taskbar or elsewhere.


Tip #2:

One change in the Anniversary Update [v1607] of Windows 10 is that the User Access Control window [the window that pops up asking for your permission if you try to change, install or uninstall something] has changed. If you are use to the old UAC prompt, at least in v1607, you can revert back to the old prompt with this registry fix:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




If you need to turn on the modern UI version in future, just set its value to 1.


Tip #3:

In their infinite ways, Microsoft pulled the popular screen capture tool out of OneNote 2016 so it can be a part of Windows 10. And if you don’t have Windows 10? At this time, the following registry fix should allow the screen capture to return to OneNote 2016.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





Note: As usual, before you apply the registry fixes, you should test, backup and verify the settings. Use at your own risk.