Politically correct team names

The NFL’s Washington Redskins may be forced to change the team’s name. It was tried before but unsuccessful. Now there is further pressure to do so.

The name “redskin” is not politically correct.

There are some who are traditionalists and those who want to keep the name argue that [among other reasons] it’s been that name for so long, why change it now?

Others argue that in this politically correct world [well, part of the world at least], it is time to correct the names of various teams that offend others.

But where do we draw the line?

Is the CFL’s Edmonton Eskimos not politically correct? I’d say the name is fine.

The NHL’s Chicago Black Hawks? I’d say they’d be nervous if the Redskins are, but mostly because of the team logo. An actual black hawk as a team logo wouldn’t be an issue.

US college football’s Notre Dame Fighting Irish? I never heard any complaints. I think the Irish are happy.

US college football’s North Dakota Fighting Sioux? Well, if Notre Dame is fine, shouldn’t the Fighting Sioux? But some may object.

How about the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs? Surely those birds aren’t happy to be associated with a team that hasn’t won the Stanley Cup since 1967. 🙂

There actually is one financial advantage of changing a team name: merchandising. Think of all the die-hard fans buying the new merchandise. Even the old Redskins merchandise would increase in value on various sites. [The late Baseball’s Montreal Expos merchandise is still selling – maybe even better than the last few years when they were around.]