Conspiracy theories are big with Trump’s late friend Epstein

With the [probable] suicide death of Jeffrey Epstein, conspiracy theories came out of the woodwork.

You had one that said that Epstein isn’t dead and has escaped the country – offering some very vague proof.

But the most interesting on is that Bill Clinton [maybe with Hillary] were behind the murder of Epstein. Ya. Right. The conspiracy nuts [including one conservative black comedian] claims that the Clintons have the resources to kill Epstein. Even Kellyanne The Witch Conway says that people “higher up” are involved. Clinton hasn’t been in office in 18 years. Does he still have the resources?

But who really has the most to lose here if Epstein went to trial?

I would say Donald Trump.

After all, he is a sitting president who has denied any involvement with Epstein for over a dozen years. But Even if over a dozen years ago, wouldn’t that be around the time Epstein first got into trouble for his taste in young women? [And of course, we know that Trump has had relationships while in a marriage. So, he doesn’t care if he’s married or not.]

Epstein could make a deal to confirm that Trump was involved with young underage women which would set the ball rolling for the beginnings of impeachment. What the US doesn’t need is a president who had sex with underage women.

Theoretically, Trump also has the resources to get someone in the corrections facility in New York to do away with Epstein. After all, would an [overworked, underpaid] guard say no to someone who has a document from a sitting president and tell that person that they can’t “visit” Epstein?

According to reports, the facility is understaffed with one guard who was more like a trainee. In addition, Epstein should of been checked every 30 minutes. As well, there was no camera near him.

And here is the kicker: Epstein’s lawyer supposedly had his suicide watch removed even though he attempted it shortly after he was incarcerated there. Supposedly, only a judge can authorize the removal of the suicide watch [in consultation with a doctor].

And of course, Trump still has a grudge with Bill Clinton even though he donated to his election campaign years ago.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory. More like something that is a bit more solid than most other theories.

NFL players take league to court – good luck

Former NFL players are trying to sue the league over concussion-linked injuries argued in court that the NFL “glorified” violence and profited from damaging hits to the head that the players suffered over the years. The players’ lawyer also accused the league of concealing the emerging science about concussions over several decades.

About 4,200 of the league’s 12,000 former players have joined the litigation. Some are battling dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, as well as other issues such as depression. They say the league is at fault for rushing them back on the field after concussions. Some have committed suicide with claims the suicide were related to the injuries.

The NFL insisted that teams are chiefly responsible for health and safety under the players’ collective bargaining agreement, along with others. [So you have the players blaming the league who are sort of blaming the teams. Nice.]

The judge is not expected to rule for several months, and the cases will take years to play out if the judge’s ruling is appealed when handed down.

While I think it is a bad situation for the players, you have to wonder about the following:

  • Why isn’t the player’s union going after the high schools, colleges and universities? Surely some head related injuries occurred at those places. In fact, professional teams can probably diagnose head injuries better than most schools because they can afford to get better medical help. Some injuries probably started in these schools but got worse when they turned “pro”. Can a high school that can barely function afford to have their player’s checked for a concussion.
  • Football [like hockey] is a contact sport. It is very unlikely you can have a full career and not get injured from something. As many players are running at opposing players at high speed, the helmets from both players will eventually meet [if not getting hit when a bunch of players land on a player]. They knew this from the time they started to play football.
  • You have the player’s union blaming the league who in turn is blaming the teams. The teams hired medical staff. The medical staff would give the “ok” to play again. But I’m sure many players shouldn’t of played immediately because some of them may still have not been healed completely but played for various reasons [money, like the “rush”, etc.].