Turmoil hits FIFA

Turmoil hits FIFA, the world governing body of soccer, errr, football, in the world.

Just days after arrests from major officials in the organization, 4 time president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, became a 5-time president. It wasn’t even close, winning in the second round.

The latest battering to FIFA’s credibility came when Swiss and U.S. criminal probes into corruption were disclosed two days before the presidential vote, with several leading officials arrested in Zurich.

Major [US] sponsors have already warned that they want to see corruption and reported near slave labor in Qatar [hosting the 2022 World Cup] cleaned up.

The 2018 World Cup was awarded to Russia and Russian President [and tyrant/dictator] Vladimir Putin was already blaming the US wondering why the US was also probing FIFA – thinking that the US is trying to remove Russia from hosting the world cup, just 3 years away. He has gone bonkers.

[Since the US doesn’t have clout in football and the rest of the world’s votes dwarf the US – even with allies – unsure how the US can get FIFA to remove Russia as host unless it is clear that Russia was heavily involved in corruption. But you know Putin. He comes out with these hypotheticals that are so unlikely.]

One of those officials that were arrested is from Russia.

Sepp Blatter has promised to clean up FIFA. If so, he didn’t notice all this corruption over the past few years as the probes have indicated the length of the investigation?

And what happens if it continues?

Oh both Russia and Qatar backed Blatter as president – which will run for the next four years. Blatter was supposed to leave his post in 2011 in a deal but reneged on the deal. Can he be trusted?

There have been some rumors the UEFA [the European governing body], US, Canada and South America could pull out of FIFA. What would this mean for FIFA?

Well, some of the major powerhouses – let alone most of the sponsors – would abandon the World Cup. The sponsors want to see the best teams play and not a bunch of previously ranked low ranked countries battle for the cup. The UEFA president asked Blatter to stand down but was refused.

I think FIFA needs UEFA more than UEFA needs FIFA.

A European boycott could also cause problems when it comes to having foreign players play in the various leagues across the Europe and elsewhere. Would the best players in Africa be able to play in European leagues?

Blatter has tried to defend himself and has hinted there is some type of political correlation in the investigation.

Meanwhile at least two banks that have dealt with FIFA have opened internal investigations to see if they are involved in the corruption.

[Oh the US can investigate FIFA, just like any other country as they are a member of FIFA. In addition, most of the major sponsors are from the US.]


Post Olympic thoughts

Now that the Olympics are over [for 4 years, or 1.5 years or so if you include the winter games in Sochi]:

A real bummer that the Canadian women’s soccer team got some bad officiating and ended up with a bronze. The Norwegian referee wasn’t in any further games [a sort of demotion].

Michael Phelps hitting 21 medals including 17 gold medals in his Olympic career – ranking something like 40 or so in the all-time country list if he was a country.

Our only gold in – errr – trampoline? Sorry trampoline fanatics but trampoline isn’t up there compared to soccer gold, swimming gold, 100m track gold, etc. [Somewhere in the world, some sports journalist will note this and laugh.]

An excellent opening ceremony but so-so closing ceremonies. Legends Paul McCartney and The Who who closed each show with a seven minute medley. Give them something lengthy. It was the end of the show.

Our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, who is supposed to be the “number one” Canadian fan was almost a no show throught the Olympics – unless he was asked. Where was he? He wasn’t trying to pass some useless bill in parliament.

Usain Bolt [if not Michael Phelps] will rake in the money as the fastest man in the world.

A real bummer with the Canadian four man relay towards the end of the Olympics when one of the runners went over the line.

The largest McDonalds ever [overtaking one in Orlando], capable of doing 1200 orders an hour [the amount was estimated prior to the Olympics]. Now what do they do with it once the Olympics are over. 20 cashiers, 1500 seats, and staffed by 500 including at least 200 at any time. That’s a lot of obese people.

Finally, “The Royals” showing up quite often at the events – even doing “The Wave” like all the other dull normals. Hip. Hip. Horary!