NFL players file lawsuite over concussions

Here’s a good joke. More than 60 former NFL players have filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles today [May 14th], joining hundreds of others who claim the NFL didn’t properly protect its players from concussions.

Huh? The players play in a sport where concussions is probably a top five in the leading injuries to players. They knew it when they first put on a uniform before their first NFL game – before their first college game – probably even before their first high school game.

If they have someone to blame, they should be blaming their players union for not trying to protect them. While the NFL have cut down on the number of head shots recently, the players union could of asked the NFL to do something years ago.

But there is no way to stop a concussion when two players are aiming at each other or one gets flipped in the air and lands head first. To stop this, you might as well play flag football.

Ever say the George Clooney Leatherheads? See what they wore in the 1920s. Not much more than a padded leather hat. Fast forward to the 1950s, and the helmet has improved but still not as “modern” as the current helmets.

The players knew of the risk when they signed these multimillion dollar contracts to play 16 games [plus playoffs]. For some players, you’re talking $250,000 or more a game. It is a risk they take. [Even with concussions, they could retire nicely before they hit 40 years old – assuming they don’t spend their money on bling, drugs, bad investments, 20 high prices vehicles, $20 million dollar mansion, …]

Is this all coming from the Sidney Crosby concussion “legacy”? Probably.