Major malware issue with recent Lenovo computers

If you are using or you know anyone using a Lenovo laptop bought within the last year, Lenovo has installed something called SuperFish. According to experts it is an encrypted form of adware. The software dumps ads and probably gathers personal information.

Until the situation is fixed, don’t use your Lenovo laptop for anything like using a bank web site or work related.

Uninstalling the software is not enough. You also need to remove a certificate.

Even that may not be enough.

If you have a Lenovo laptop, contact them for support…. And good luck.

[Updated: 2015/02/21]: After researchers went deeper into SuperFish this week, they found that it insert ads into random web pages and also tampers with computer security in such a way that an attacker could actually spy on all web browser traffic on the computer.

SuperFish allows attackers to see all the communications that’s supposed to be confidential such as banking transactions, passwords, emails, and instant messages.

[Updated: 2015/02/24]: The SuperFish CEO has denied that there software contains malware. Uh huh.

Meanwhile, researchers now saying at least 12 other products – including some used for parental control – are using the same developer’s kit.

Finally, Lenovo says it has created a package to properly remove SuperFish from the system.

Lenovo to buy Blackberry/RIM? I doubt it

There was a story that came out whether Lenovo would buy Blackberry/RIM. If any Chinese controlled company ever bought Blackberry/RIM you would see many governments – not just the US – would drop their Blackberries in favor of something else.

[Of course what to choose from: iPhones have limited enterprise support, Androids attract malware, Windows Phones aren’t popular (but at least has enterprise support) – but I digress.]

Blackberries still have the most secure network and the last thing any government wants is the Chinese from having the option to snoop around once they have the “keys” to get in.

That said, I don’t think the Canadian government would allow the sale anyways. They [obviously] also use Blackberries for government purposes.

If Lenovo actually did buy Blackberry, the sales and usage would drop like flies.

Remember how a few governments in the world with questionable human and civil rights were complaining to RIM [then] that if they didn’t get access to their citizen’s Blackberries they would drop Blackberries? Well, theoretically the Chinese not only could spy on their own citizens but anyone in the world who uses a Blackberry without any legal “check”.