More on fraudulent software

They’re back!

MaxMySpeed is back advertising on CNN. Don’t even touch it!

Since my initial report [ ], I’ve done some further checking.

MaxMySpeed claims it got a 5 “cow” ratings from the software download site I can’t find it there.

MaxMySpeed claims it got a 5 star ratings from the site I can’t find it there.

I went to the BBM [Better Business Bureau] site for Los Angeles [where they are based], and while they got an A+ rating, seems many have complained that the product only goes part way after you purchased a copy and their technician wants $199 to complete the job.

The “actual” users of the software claim that their system increases in speed by 50% or more. I wonder how these novices can know these things. [If they aren’t novices, they probably wouldn’t have a slow computer].

You also have to wonder when the web site says:

* Remove errors caused by Spyware and Viruses  – They aren’t technically errors [well except for whoever allowed them to be installed].

* Reduce the risks associated with Infected Spam and Pop-ups  – “Infected” spam and pop-ups?

* Get the solution that will reduce your computer’s errors  – “Reduce? Shouldn’t it eliminate?

The web site also claims “Our Tech Experts Can Instantly fix ALL of Your Computer Problems”. That’s probably the $199 bill. “Instantly”? Wow. That’s fast! 🙂

I decided [like before] to install it on a fresh Windows Vista [ya, right] computer. Nothing else was installed. First thing I didn’t do was install any anti-virus or anti-malware or finished updating Vista with security updates. Did it detect these? Nope.

Second thing is that after installing, it complained that I already have 400+ defragmented files, 30+ registry errors, dozens of installation log files, temporary internet files, etc. A total of nearly 700 “errors”. The majority of this is normal every day issues. They barely slow down your computer at all. You clean it today and within a week, they’re back.

You want to clean all of the above and not spend a cent? There are plenty of utilities out there. But when I ran a free utility that any good technician would use, it cleaned the registry while this “software” still detected 30+ registry errors.

Note that MaxMySpeed and DoubleMySpeed are the same. There may be others. All are “made” by CyberDefender. The software does not fix anything until you “activate” [i.e. pay them].