The polarized US politics

It isn’t hard to noticed that the US political scene has been more polarized in the last 5+ years than any time before. It is right versus left with nothing in between.

But never has the US had a president who has caused plenty of controversy to the point that he has had trouble of getting legislative bills passed.

He antagonized first fellow Republican nominees, accusing them or even family members, of things that he could never prove.

And when news media reported this, he called it “fake news”.

He continued his fake news tirade during the election – even calling his opposing candidate a liar and a crook – something no presidential candidate ever said to another before.

When the media ganged up on him and even had undisputable proof of what he has done, he still denied what he saw and used his “fake news” term or “some people say” to give a lame excuse of proof when there is no proof of backing up his latest claim.

He continues his “fake news” comments while as president even where there is proof.

He has known to say one thing and then change his mind. When the media said he said the first thing, he’d deny it with the ‘fake news” moniker even though there is proof he said it.

There is already an “army” of Trump supports who will deny he said or done something even though he has gone on record of saying it.

Forbes magazine, a respectable one on the business world, did some investigating in the Eric Trump Foundation for questionable usage of donations. And yet the Trump supports are denying it or asking where is the proof. I think most respectable media outlets will properly investigate before claiming something or risk a lawsuit. As of yet, the foundation has had no lawsuits announced.

Meanwhile the state of New York is looking into the Forbes’ allegations as well as other issues.

With the way thing are going, what would happen if Trump was impeached. Would Trump support take to the streets and start massive full blown riots? I wouldn’t be surprised. Many of the Trump supports are farther right than what most of the Republican party likes. Klu Klux Klan, militias and others.

Others could deny it and say it is a left wing conspiracy – even though Vice President Mike Pence [a Republican] would become President.




This week in Drumpf’s world

The White House has blocked CNN and the New York Times from certain or maybe all briefings.

Trump was at it again with his own fake news. He hinted/winked/implied that the night before his recent Florida stop, that there was a terrorist attack in Sweden. But there wasn’t anything. Sweden [per capita] has taken in the most refugees so far. His excuse? He was talking about the increase violence Fox News claims may be related to more refugees. Problem is that he lumped it in with western countries that has had terrorist attacks [most lacking large immigration of refugees].

It makes you wonder when at a campaign style stop in Florida, some in the Trump crowd were waving signs like “Women for Trump” and “Blacks for Trump”. I would guess if he was doing well with these demographics, we wouldn’t be seeing them.

In addition, what is with “Make America’s Airports Great Again” signs as well?

A senior National Security Council adviser was reassigned to his old job at the National Defense University, a White House spokeswoman confirmed, after he criticized the Trump administration’s Latin American policies. But some say it was also because of his [possible sexual] comments he made about Ivanka Trump the night before at some reception. Donald is jealous?

There has been quite a few town halls while Congress is on break where [Republican] Congressmen were getting torched for the various issues that have occurred since Trump was elected. Not surprising Sean Spicer and Trump are claiming these are either “Liberals” or professional protesters hired by the Democrats. “Do your job” seems to be the rallying call. Trump tweeted “The so-called angry crowds in home districts of some Republicans are actually, in numerous cases, planned out by liberal activists. Sad!”

The protests are based partly on the Indivisible Guide.

A 7 year old boy claimed that the trump administration is building the Mexican wall at the expense of PBS Kids and others possible cuts.

While Trump probably got more Jewish votes than previous Republican nominees, I think many are having second thoughts. Consider the following:

  • On Holocaust Remembrance Day [January 27], not one mention of Jewish victims. While the day is for all victims, Jews were the primary victims in World War II.
  • A few days late, when an Israeli journalist got up to ask the President about the worrisome increase in anti-Semitic incidents in the US [in news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu], instead of responding to the question, he spoke about himself.
  • Lashing out at a Jewish reporter and at times acting bored while the reporter asks his question.
  • No mention from him about the tweets that have gone out by the extreme right about supposedly jokes about gas chambers, ovens, etc.
  • Hiring Stephen Bannon, former Breitbart editor and a man that has made racist comments before, as his chief of staff.
  • Took over a day to respond to questions about the 11 bomb threats were phoned in to Jewish community centers around the country even though he was asked about it before.
  • Trump claiming that he was “the least anti-Semitic person that you have ever seen in your entire life.” Huh? How do you measure that?
  • 20 Rabbis in front of his Trump Tower in New York were arrested for protesting against the Muslim ban.
  • Continues to bring up his son-in-law and daughter [who converted to Judaism] and is many “Jewish friends”.A White House spokesperson said: “If you don’t support the President’s agenda then you shouldn’t have a job in the White House.” I guess advisers are not needed then.

Trump commenting at the CPAC conference that the Mexican wall will be built “way, way, way ahead of schedule.” What schedule? No date set? And if you set a date do you set it so far away that anything would be completed way, way, way ahead of schedule?

Trump also lashed out at the FBI regarding “leaked” national secrets – that were never leaked.
Asked recently whether his campaign rhetoric could have caused a spike in anti-Semitism, President Donald Trump demurred. He talked about his election victory, then mentioned his daughter, Ivanka – who converted to Judaism – her husband Jared Kushner and their children. Trump made no mention of the bomb threats. So he basically doesn’t know or couldn’t care less and changed the subject. After more threats 24 hours later, he spoke out.

European Union leader Donald Tusk had put the United States in a “threat” category two weeks ago, insisting that Trump is contributing to the “highly unpredictable” outlook.

Trump continues to reverse some of the laws created by the Obama administration [probably the ones that will please the zealots in the GOP]. Last week, he reversed the law which states that mentally challenged people cannot own a gun. The NRA as well as disability advocates claim that the law discriminates against those who are mentally challenged. [Quite a few shootings are from people who aren’t 100% sane.]

As mentioned previously, some of the same GOP zealots will then go after the law that ban silencers because shooters will not have hearing problems if they have a silencer.

The FBI has three separate investigates into potential Russian hacking during the election period. I wonder what Trump will do. Muzzle them?

Trump has been named in 42 federal lawsuits in his first 11 days in office. By comparison, former President Barack Obama was named in 11 suits during his first 11 days in office — some of them involving the long-debunked “birther” claims that Obama was not an American citizen. They include quite a few related to the travel ban, another one related from accepting anything of value from foreign governments, and his order targeting sanctuary cities.

Why am I not surprise: The gun lobby group want the Trump administration to reverse the laws regarding silencers [they are lumped in the restrictive category] arguing that those using guns may end up with hearing problems!

Trump said that he would hand over control of his company to his two adult sons [Barron is in his early teens]. He announced several other measures in an attempt to mollify critics who contend that his financial interest as head of a global real estate company could conflict with his pursuit of the public good. Problem is that there has been no indication he has done anything about it.

After being given her pink slip by the Trump administration, Caroline Kennedy [yes, that clan], now former American Ambassador to Japan, may run for the senate in 2018.

An online survey included 500 nationally representative, full-time American workers, and found that 87% of them read political social-media posts during the day, and nearly 50% reported seeing a political conversation turning into an argument in the workplace. 29% of respondents say they’ve been less productive since the election.

Recent reports allege the Trump team leans on an encrypted messaging service called Confide. The problem, according to security experts: It’s not clear whether Confide is actually encrypted at all. The app may be running on an outdated version of OpenSSL vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug.

After more than a year of lambasting Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server, Trump found himself on the receiving end of similar criticism on January 26, 2017. Watchdogs found that the official presidential Twitter account had been registered to an insecure, cloud-based Gmail address.

In China, there are Trump named toilets, condoms, pacemakers and others. But Trump doesn’t own them. The Chinese had trademarked them. Trump has been trying to kill the trademarks for years but kept on losing. All of a sudden, last fall Chinese trademark authorities started to side with him. Of course this brings up some possible ethical violations for influencing Trump.

US Department of Homeland Security staff returning to work on Tuesday after the Presidents’ Day holiday have apparently had a tough time getting computer systems to function. DHS staff say they weren’t able to log into computer systems at their offices in Washington DC, when clocking on this morning. Staff in at least four buildings, including US Citizenship and Immigration Services, are thought to be affected.

Showing how much knowledge he knows, in his press conference in mid-February, trump attempted to explain uranium and nuclear physics thusly: “Do you know what uranium is? It’s a little thing called nuclear weapons and other things. Lots of things are done with uranium including some bad things.”

Jackie Evancho, who sang the national anthem at Trump’s inauguration [and who’s career isn’t going anywhere], is trying to dig herself out by tweeting to Trump that she doesn’t like the transgender rules regarding bathrooms as Trump rolled back the rule initiated by President Obama. Evancho’s sister is a transgender.

Trump reiterated a campaign promise that he used to successfully appeal to evangelical voters: a repeal of the Johnson amendment, legislation that limits the ability of religious tax-exempt organizations to endorse or oppose a political candidate.

The Trump administration announced plans to hire 5,000 new Border Patrol agents and 10,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. But about 2 out of every 3 job applicants fails the agency’s polygraph test. There are already about 2,000 Border Patrol vacancies, a deficit largely attributed to the polygraph fail rate.

Senator Ted Cruz, who got whiplashed from Trump during the primaries, seems to still be backing Trump. He is also claiming that there may be another vacancy by this summer in the Supreme Court. Does he know something we don’t? Hired someone?

According to the New York Times, Trump doubts that online ads are ever effective. However, Trump’s own digital director, Brad Parscale, has noted that Facebook advertising helped generate the bulk of $250 million in online fundraising for Trump’s own campaign.

Trump gave himself credit for the construction of an Intel chip factory in Arizona. Media outlets were quick to clarify that Intel began construction on the factory during the Obama administration but paused because of budgetary issues.