Trump, Mr. Exaggeration

We really have to figure out what’s going in the mind of Donald Trump.

Of the nine traits to be considered a narcissist, he has some or all of them.

But there is more evidence this week – as well as to trust anything he says.
We have already known that he has exaggerated or has lied many times. He has done so many times in his tweets or even in the few speeches he gives.

But here are just three examples within the past few days:

In a tweet, he said “No chaos” [he used capital letters and exclamation marks]. I am not a psychiatrist but a lot of time when you say something like “No chaos”, you know there is. Why else bring it up? Sure enough, he fires Communication Director Anthony Scaramucci after just 10 days on the job within 24 hours of that tweet.

Remember the Boy Scouts of America jamboree and his speech? He got a bit of a lashing from many including the Boy Scouts administration for being too political in an apolitical organization.

So, what does he do? He claims that a “leader” of the Boy Scouts [would that be the president of Boy Scouts of America?] called him and told him it was “the greatest speech that was ever made to them.” That sounds like a typical exaggerated wording that Trump would use.

And while at it, would the president of Boy Scouts of America would be able to call Trump that easily? [Let alone the White House records and logs all phone conversations.]

Then we have his claim that the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, call him very recently and Trump announced that “Their southern border, they said very few people are coming because they know they’re not going to get to our border, which is the ultimate compliment.” Except the President of Mexico, according to the Mexican government, hasn’t spoken to Trump since the G20. This also came out of the blue as with the exception of budgeting $1.6 billion to build a small piece of the wall, there has been little talk about the wall in a while.

Why does he invent this false information? Maybe to say that his policies are working when they usually aren’t.

But doesn’t he know anything that needs to be checked can easily be verified either directly or on the Internet. He didn’t think no one would ask the Boy Scouts or the Mexican government?

If I was a foreign leader, a businessman or even a Girl Guide selling cookies, I would be recording the conversation. Because you know he will say something that is exaggerated or totally wrong.