When free isn’t so free

I had b?tched to DivX Networks in April how they could bundle Conduit malware [as most people call it] with their free DivX player. [Malwarebytes as well as other anti-malware software consider any from Conduit software to be malware.]

I finally got a response back from them – 3.5 months later. The guy who responded claimed there was an issue with their mail system. Got lost somewhere – so was claimed.

It seems that DivX received many complaints that the Conduit crapware was causing problems. It has since been removed from further installations and their new policy states that they will only bundle software that is beneficial [as was called by a product manager] and no search related software.

It’s bad enough if you use a single web browser, but if you have three browsers, you have a doozy of a job to remove the crapware off each web browser. [I guess a reason why you shouldn’t have too many browsers. One to use and a second one in case the first one has an issue with a web site.]

If there is a way to block out Conduit? I’m doubting it. In most cases, it is included in the free software you are installing.

This is what I tell people: If it is free, definitely do a custom installation. Otherwise crapware like this gets installed. One free software I downloaded had 4 separate installations if you chose a custom installation.

Know of any other software that have [or had] Conduit crapware included in the installation?

I have always suggested that when something is free off the Internet, always choose a custom installation [or equivalent]. Unlike the standard/complete installation [or whatever they may call it], in many cases the custom installation will actually allow you to see what is installing and what changes will be made during the installation [additional programs, changing the default home page in your browser, changing the default search engine in your browser, etc.].