Trump declares war against social media

In a new low, Donald Trump threatened to “strongly regulate” or even shut down social media platforms after Twitter applied a fact-check to two of his tweets this week. Trump then did not elaborate on what actions he could take. Trump’s Twitter outburst followed an unprecedented decision by the platform to apply a fact-checking label to Trump’s content for the first time.

Shortly after the labels were applied, Trump took to Twitter to claim the company “is interfering in the 2020 Presidential Election” and “stifling FREE SPEECH.” He added that he “will not allow it to happen!” And what is he doing by not allowing someone to verify his load of misinformation. Is the US still a democracy?

“Republicans feel that Social Media Platforms totally silence conservative voices. We will strongly regulate, or close them down, before we can ever allow this to happen,” Trump tweeted. “Republicans” or just him and his cronies.

He went on to accuse the tech industry of trying to interfere in the 2016 election. Seems everyone is against him. Is his political career caving in?

Trump announced an executive order against social media companies, days after Twitter called two of his tweets “potentially misleading.” The order seeks to curtail the power of large social media platforms including Twitter, Google and Facebook by attempting to reinterpret a critical 1996 law that shields websites and tech companies from lawsuits.

The order targets a law known as the Communications Decency Act. Section 230 of the legislation provides broad immunity to websites that curate and moderate their own platforms, and has been described by legal experts as “the 26 words that created the internet.” It argues that the protections hinge mainly on tech platforms operating in “good faith,” and that social media companies have not.

The order also accuses social media platforms of “invoking inconsistent, irrational, and groundless justifications to censor or otherwise punish Americans’ speech here at home.” It also faults Google for helping the Chinese government surveil its citizens; Twitter for spreading Chinese propaganda; and Facebook for profiting from Chinese advertising. [Does that mean they don’t do the same for any other country? Just China?]

Under the order, the Commerce Department would ask the Federal Communications Commission [FCC] for new regulations clarifying when a company’s conduct might violate the good faith provisions potentially making it easier for tech companies to be sued. The order instructs the Justice Department to consult with state attorneys general on allegations of anti-conservative [!!!] bias. Then the FCC would have the option of filing lawsuits against companies.

Under the current law, a president cannot order the FTC or FCC to do anything. The Trump administration can make suggestions or requests. Even the mere perception that the agencies may be bending to White House pressure could damage the perceived independence of these regulators.

Conservative critics of Facebook and Twitter have accused the companies of infringing on users’ free-speech rights. But users of social media don’t enjoy First Amendment protections from Facebook and Twitter, because Facebook and Twitter are private companies, not the government.

I can just about guarantee that this executive order will be challenged in court. The draft order seeks to establish new rules designed to regulate how companies’ moderate content on their websites. That risks violating tech companies’ own free-speech protections under the First Amendment. This coming from Democratic and Republican leaning current and former FCC commissioners.

Political bias will also probably come up in any court as well as Trump is attacking left-leaning companies. Tech companies generally lean towards the left.

Trump, at the signing, claims that even some Democrats agree with him. I’d like to see who would do that. [After all, has claimed previously that some Democrats agreed with him but didn’t.]

What he is doing could be applied to the same time to newspapers, news web sites and even platforms like WordPress.

A question would be why is Trump doing this now after 3.5 years in office? Maybe after Twitter applied the fact checking button this past week.

Yes. It hurt his big ego.

And he’s even going after the owners of his favorite past-time, Twitter.

What he is doing is killing free speech as well. His executive order is basically giving social media and others rules to apply.

The executive order says not to edit, ban or anything similar to them but then they want to edit or ban pornography, views they don’t like, etc. How can you apply one but not apply others?

And then there is the freedom of expression.

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  1. rawgod says:

    If it helps Trump, it’s good. If it hurts Trump, it’s way better! ROTTLMAO!

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