What’s new in Windows 10 v2004

So what is new in Windows 10 v2004 [a.k.a. 20H1, a.k.a. May 2020 Update, a.k.a. …]?

Developers got their hands on build 19041.208 today with Microsoft expected to roll it out to users starting May 28th. The most compatible systems [such as newer systems] will see the update first, followed by everyone else… Eventually.

Here is a partial list of updated features:

  • GPU temperature monitoring comes to Task Manager
  • Disk type [i.e. SSD, PATA] now visible in Task Manager Performance tab
  • Quick Event Create from the Taskbar
  • File explorer search is now powered by Windows Search
  • Go passwordless with Microsoft accounts
  • Adding Mouse Cursor speed to Settings
  • Improving the Optional Features page in Settings
  • Introducing a new Reset this PC option–Cloud Download – you can use the local installation or download Windows 10 from a Microsoft server
  • Updated notifications options
  • New Bluetooth pairing experience
  • Automatic restart for Desktop & UWP apps to reduce sign-in time
  • Search indexer tweaks to handle excessive disk usage – indexing will stop or throttle under any of 9 options are reached [i.e. game mode is on, high CPU usage, high disk usage, etc.]
  • New throttling options for Windows update downloads
  • New Cortana features & experiences – does anyone care?
  • Redesigned Network Status page

Note: Unsure if fixed yet, early testers experienced some issues with Bluetooth devices.

At this time, the next major update will be released probably in October or most likely in November. It is expected to be similar to last fall’s 2019 Fall Update – where you didn’t need to have this huge installation.

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