6 months away!

So, in 6 months from today, the citizens of the United States will be going to the polls to elect their next President, maybe their next Senator, their next house representative plus state and local officials.

Of course, the biggest question will be who will be the next President. Will the Democrats’ Joe Biden be elected or will the Republicans’ Donald Trump continue for another four treacherous years.

Say Trump wins again, he will be gloating. However, if he didn’t win the popular vote like in 2016, he will probably complain about voter fraud again. His ego will get in the way.

But say Biden gets elected as President [and he should the way things are going], Trump will complain about voter fraud. He will contest various voting polls. If COVID-19 is still lingering, he will complain about how his voters couldn’t vote or how some [in Democratic leaning counties] should be tossed out for whatever reasons he can dream up.

Trump may even go as far as saying it was a coup d’état. Now that would rile up his base and could really cause problems such as violence. The party, however, may not be too happy. On the other hand, they may finally turn their backs on him.

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