Do you take any responsibility? “No, I don’t.”

Donald Trump said that he takes no responsibility for any spike in people using disinfectants improperly after dangerously suggesting last week that ingesting it could serve as a coronavirus treatment. Asked about the increase during a White House news conference, Trump said: “I can’t imagine why.” When asked if he takes any responsibility for the spike, Trump answered: “No, I don’t.”

The administration has curtailed the news conferences with Trump because of the way he has handled these news conferences. He’s been going off on different tangents, quite often picking fights with reporters, news networks or segued into a topic that he wasn’t even asked about.

To show you how petty the Trump administration is, a White House official wanted to swap the seats of a news reporter from a major news network with a print reporter from a lesser newspaper – because Trump hates that news network. The print reporter refused and the White House official was almost ready to call in the Secret Service. Unsure if they have any jurisdiction.

Trump is expected to sign a five-page executive order under the Defense Production Act to compel meat processing plants to remain open amid the coronavirus pandemic. By signing the order, Trump will declare these plants as a part of critical infrastructure in the US. Some of the country’s largest processing plants have been forced to cease operations temporarily after thousands of employees across the country have tested positive for the virus.

Some of the meat processing plants have undocumented workers. They may not show up for work. In addition some [legal] workers may not show up for work either with some previously had the virus. They are also concerned about the safety while working at the plants.

Trump met the Louisiana governor this past week in the Oval Closet – well it looked like one since the amount of people shoved into the room. In any case, social distancing, masks and gloves went out the window. The politicians and officials were at most 2-3 feet apart. Reporters were next to each other. From the view, only a camera man had gloves and a mask on. Hazard pay for reporters?

A number of top officials in the Trump administration have pushed US intelligence agencies looking into the origin of the novel coronavirus to “hunt for evidence” linking the virus to a Chinese laboratory. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, deputy national security adviser Matthew Pottinger and Anthony Ruggiero, an official with the National Security Council, are among those pushing for the agencies to find a link.

Where have we seen this before: The White House is blocking Dr. Anthony Fauci, a key member of the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force, from testifying on Capitol Hill next week claiming “…it is counter-productive to have the very individuals involved in those efforts appearing at Congressional hearings.” Or maybe they are hiding things. Fauci has been critical lately of re-opening plans.

Trump was shouting at his campaign manager, Brad Parscale. Shifting the blame away from himself, Trump berated Parscale for a recent spate of damaging poll numbers, even at one point threatening to sue Parscale. Suing a campaign manager for bad polling numbers would be a first but I would suspect any lawsuit would be thrown out of court. When the candidate continues to make huge mistakes, there is nothing a campaign manager can do other than telling the candidate to stop it.

But others told him to stop. Trump has complained that the lack of rallies is hurting him in the polling. Probably another reason why Trump would want America to open up again – even if it increases the death count.

To show that he has no real experience to do his job, Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, praised the administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic as a “great success story” less than a day after the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States topped 1 million and almost 60,000 deaths.

“I think you will see by June, a lot of the country should be back to normal, and the hope is that by July the country is really rocking again,” he said. Trump actually called Kushner “a genius”.

At the first official briefing by a White House press secretary in 417 days, Kayleigh The Parrot 2 McEnany promised journalists, “I will never lie to you.” In among them:

  • She misquoted an FBI agent’s written comment about former national security adviser Michael Flynn. She said “we need” before “to get him to lie” but the FBI never included “we need”.
  • She mischaracterized a tweet by Trump about protesters in Michigan. He said there were “very good people” which include a militia. She said it was for protesting.
  • She gave an inflated figure for the cost of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. She said $40 million when an independent checking said $32 million.
  • She said Mueller offered a “complete and total exoneration” of Trump, something Mueller explicitly said he was not doing.

Did she lie?

Former Republican Sen. Jeff Flake says a “sound defeat” of Trump in November’s election would be better long term for the Republican Party, adding that he would be comfortable voting for a Democrat instead of his own party’s standard bearer. Flake was one of Trump’s most vocal Republican critics, despite being a staunch conservative who almost always voted with the GOP majority. He may vote for a Democrat in November.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have committed $100 million of their own money to fight the coronavirus pandemic. In return, a fevered segment of the pro-Trump internet is convinced the couple wants to kill off a good portion of humanity, then install mark-of-the-beast style tracking chips in whoever survives.

Then another pro-Trumper tweeted “Bill Gates & @WHO have used African & Indian tribal children to experiment w/ non-FDA approved drug vaccines. Both countries [Two? Africa isn’t a country.] raised red flags about the unethical nature of these trials and were ignored.” And of course like just about anything Trump says, there is no proof this is happening. Others claim Gates patented the virus and was behind spreading bit.

The Supreme Court asked for additional briefings in two cases concerning Trump’s bid to shield his financial documents from Congress. The court asked the parties to address whether the court even has the ability to decide who should prevail in the dispute.

Lower US courts have upheld US House of Representatives’ use of committee subpoenas for Trump’s financial records dating back years from his longtime accounting firm Mazars USA, and from Deutsche Bank and Capital One. House investigators contended they needed the information as the House was considering new legislation related to money laundering and government ethics.

When Vice President Mike Pence walked into the Mayo Clinic recently, he wasn’t wearing a face mask. Pence was told of the new rules before he visited, the clinic said on Twitter, a post that was subsequently deleted. Everyone else in the building was. After all, it has been the policy at the renowned Rochester, Minnesota, facility since April 13. They even say they’ll provide one.

Pence later told reporters that he wasn’t wearing a mask because he is supposedly tested weekly for coronavirus. Maybe. Wonder how often Trump is tested. Still, Pence as a leader should act like he’s in a leadership role by wearing a mask.

In another sick joke from the Trump Administration, the White House gift shop [online] is selling commemorative COVID-19 coins showing various “historic moments”!

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