Trump’s re-election is in trouble

So as of today, Donald Trump’s claim that the US economy is doing great just went out the window.

His primary evidence of a great economy was that the stock markets were breaking “records”. And of course his buddies and cronies were getting wealthy at the same time.

Sure the unemployment rate has dropped but that is not a true indicator since many of the jobs could be low wages, part time or that some unemployed are left off because they stopped hunting.

Other indicators such as the GDP were strong [at least until the coronavirus came along].

But the economy is now in a mess because of the coronavirus.

Trump’s stock market talk was his primary evidence of a good [or great] economy that he would of used this fall when he is on the campaign trail to add a second term to his presidency.

Without a good stock market, what will he use?

He could blame the coronavirus for the downswing in the economy – although some critics will say that he didn’t do enough.

He’s already blamed the Democrats – don’t ask me how.

He could claim that he did a great job in trying the stop the coronavirus. He already has claimed his own approval would be 10 on 10. Of course he says that about anything that supposedly helps his ego.

I guess depends on how things turn out [when the epidemic stops] we will know what his plan will be to defend himself to get a second term.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) closed at 19,732.40 on Trump’s Inauguration Day. At one point today all the gains in the past roughly 39 weeks were wiped out plus about 400 points.

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One Response to Trump’s re-election is in trouble

  1. rawgod says:

    Unless the noval corona virus is a CIA biomedical weapon aimed at China but that got out of control, Trump is not responsible for COVID-19. Really, he’s not. But he is responsible for helping it spread, having told people to go to work and spread it because it was just like having a cold, though not as bad. THAT he is responsible for, but he says not. Nothing bad is his fault, only the good (for him) stuff.
    If he gets re-elected, that won’t be his fault either. Not his fault the Russians interfered, again. Not his fault the Electoral College was bought and paid for. Not his fault the environment is reaching critical mass. Not his fault he’s–dead.

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