Canadian Politics – A Primer

Yes. This blog has been primarily about US politics with some computer news thrown in. But I figured I throw in some Canadian politics to see how it differs.

While the US seems to be always in election mode with either mid-term elections or the full elections every two years, Canada is at the near end of a 37-day election campaign.

Canadian politics is a bit more stable. It doesn’t have an unstable leader. It has 3 major parties plus a few lesser parties and even fringe parties.

The Liberals are a left of center party, with current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. He is the son of former Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau. He has governed the party over the past almost 4 years with a very good economy but quite a few scandals along the way.

The Conservative party is a right-wing party with current leader Andrew Scheer. A man who some say has little personality and who has made plenty of errors during the campaign like claiming to be a real estate broker but never was or hid the fact that he has dual Canadian-US citizenship. Would you vote for a man who may still have allegiance to another be your leader – even if he never lived there?

In the last Conservative administration, there were major budget cuts to the point that there was rumors that some government buildings had hallways where lights had no light bulbs or 24 Sussex Drive [the Prime Minister’s residence] was left to rot with limited maintenance and is currently not in use because of it.

Next, we have the New Democratic Party, a little more left than the left of center with Jagmeet Singh as the leader. While the party ran several provincial governments it never did too well federally. While they do share some common interests with the Liberals there are some areas they don’t.

There are a bunch of smaller parties such as the Green Party and the Bloc Quebecois – the latter is pushing for the province of Quebec to separate from Canada but pushing their interests federally.

There are also very fringe parties like the People’s Party, Communist Party, Marxist-Leninist Party, etc. The People’s Party could gain a seat or two but the others have no chance in hell in getting a seat.

Aside from the competition in the number of parties, how Canada and US differ [aside from the type of government] is that [as Canada is known for] Canadians are generally a little more polite in politics.

You do not have a leader [in any party] who is constantly lying through his teeth so badly, who is a bully, a womanizer, etc.

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2 Responses to Canadian Politics – A Primer

  1. rawgod says:

    Scheer might not be a womanizer, we don’t know, but he is a liar and a bully. His campaign in as a fear-monger. Meanwhile, he means to cut all social programs by $15 billon dollars. Hee’s effin crazy.
    Trump wants us to trust him, but his campaign is little better than Scheer’s. Fear Scheer. Fear Singh.
    No offense meant, but Singh wears a turban. Forget 80% of the white vote. Too bad, because this could be a winnable election for the NDP.
    Canadians will be the big loser!

    • ebraiter says:

      Even before the campaign started, Scheer wanted Trudeau to resign for anything: SNC-Lavalin issue, burping in public, who knows. Who resigns [say] 6 months before an election?
      Each of the parties are claiming fear mongering. That is standard.
      Scheer claimed the Liberals would apply a 50% capital gains tax for selling a residence. That’s ridiculous.
      He also is claiming a balanced budget even after all those campaign promised and then cut an average of about $11 billion in infrastructure, services and other areas to get to a balanced budget.
      here comes those lights without light bulbs again!

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