About Friedrich Trumpf and family

Donald Trump has mistakenly claimed that his own grandfather was born in Germany, when he was a product of the Bronx. He also repeatedly claimed Swedish blood although his mother came from Scotland and his grandfather, originally Friedrich Trumpf, was German-born.

Trumpf’s immigrant tale is hardly the story of a man who would have been welcomed by an America that was overly concerned with matters of character and patriotism. Having come to New York as an unaccompanied minor, he made his fortune selling liquor and the services of prostitutes to gold miners in the West.

When he returned to his native Bavaria for a visit, he made it clear that America was his second choice as he begged to be permitted to stay. Authorities noted that he had never fulfilled his obligation for military service, and rejected the request.

At one point, Donald didn’t know that his mother had grown up in an abjectly impoverished place in Scotland.

World War II made Trumpf’s a little embarrassed by his heritage. Trumpf’s customers would have been more comfortable leasing apartments from a Swedish-American, and so the myth was created. His son perpetuated it, talking repeatedly about his Swedish heritage well into the 1980s.

Talk of the surname “Drumpf” hasn’t been verified. However, there are several variations in spelling of the surname in the village archives when Drumpf originally lived including Drumb, Tromb, Tromp, Trum, Trumpff, Dromb.