Check your Google account

Google’s Sensorvault database contains location data for hundreds of millions of devices all over the world. Law enforcement officials have been using warrants to obtain information from Sensorvault in an effort to identify suspects in crimes. Sensorvault holds data from a Google Location History, a function which is not enabled by default, though some services, like traffic alerts, prompt users to enable it.

Law enforcement officials have been seeking data from Sensorvault about devices in the vicinity at the time of a crime. While the initial data Google provides are anonymized, once law enforcement has analyzed movements patterns and reduced devices of interest to a smaller number, Google provides law enforcement with the information of the owners of those devices.

To check on thing, log into your Google account at

Check the following:

  • Review your privacy settings
  • We keep your account protected
  • Make Google yours

This is not just to stop law enforcement but also to secure your account.

Make sure you have an alternative way to recover your password and it is current.

Read the information. You may need to scroll down or click on a link to get further information. If unsure, don’t touch.

Note: If you have a Gmail Email address or an Android smartphone, then you have a Google account. Log in with the same credentials as your Gmail Email account. If you auto login, you won’t have to know your credentials.