The real national emergency

While the shutdown is on hold, Trump has suggested that he would initiate a national emergency to get the money to build his Trump Wall because no wall is a security threat to the country. After the announcement that the Trump Shutdown has gone on a three week break, Trump stressed that if Congress can’t decide on what to do with his wall, he may make it a national emergency.

But there is a bigger threat to security: the Trump Shutdown.

Every day if the shutdown continued, workers were going unpaid and some are calling in sick [or equivalent].

For example, the Air Traffic Controllers in New York. They are short staffed. A controller can work a maximum of 6 ten hour shifts a week [generally 4 shifts a week] and most are coming close to the maximum and still unpaid.

On top of that, approximately 40% of the staff is at an point where they could retire from the job and receive their full pension.

Controllers have a stressful job. Adding no pay and more hours adds to the stress. While some government employees have taken a second job [legally an issue], controllers can’t.
Add to others who are not getting paid but have to work [or maybe not] such as those in the FBI, TSA [security officials at airports], etc.

This past week, there were major flight delays in Newark, LaGuardia in New York and in Philadelphia because there weren’t enough TSA agents.

If there is a national emergency, these would be reasons for it – not a wall.

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