Who the shutdown hurts….

As the shutdown has hit its fourth week, 800,000 federal employees are affected by the partial shutdown.

Well actually a lot more. You have their spouses and kids. Add family members who could depend on seeing some money to help them out.

With these people not seeing any money, they are cutting expenses. This could now trickle down to other jobs.

Some of these people are looking for other jobs to make ends meet.

Some are now calling in sick [or equivalent]. First it was Transportation Security Administration personnel which has partially shut down some airport terminals. Now other government agency personnel are also calling in sick [or equivalent].

Just TSA alone could cause long lines at airports which could impact people taking trips. Less trips could mean less flights. And so on.

On a brighter note, Canadian air traffic controllers sent their US colleagues an orchestrated plan of pizza to them. Here’s the story.

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