Option to delay updates for Windows 10 home users coming soon

Microsoft has been testing the new Windows Update setting in the next edition of Windows 10 preview builds [due in the spring] in the Windows Insiders program. Until then, Windows “Home” users [i.e. those not using the Professional edition, on a domain or and educational edition] can not delay any quality [i.e. non-security and security] updates on their computer.

While Windows 10 Pro and enterprise editions can defer the upgrade for up to 35 days, Windows 10 “Home” users are forced to accept the next quality updates when Microsoft makes it available on Windows Update, whether they want it or not.

Windows 10 Pro and enterprise editions [when not on a domain or centrally managed] can delay feature [i.e. semi-annual] updates for up to a year.

Microsoft has had a bad track record for both quality and feature updates. This would be a welcome for home users. Most issues are discovered within a week.

Those who wish to “upgrade” from Home to Professional can used a previously unused [in Windows 10] Windows 7 or windows 8.1 Professional license or purchase the “upgrade” from Microsoft [estimated around $100 or so].



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