Would the Democrats want to impeach Trump?

There is talk again of impeaching after Bob Woodward’s Fear: Trump in the White House book was released to the media prior to its retail release.

Combined with the anonymous op-ed from the New York Times and Donald Trump had a rough week.

Some would say Trump has a major crisis.

Combined with known facts of Trump, such as his narcissism, a habitual liar, bullying, and multiple lawsuits related to sexual harassments [but all prior to him getting elected], some are wondering if there is enough to impeach Trump.

Hypothetically, if Trump was impeached, Vice-President Mike Pence would take over as President.

The question is, is this the less of two evils.

We all know by now how Trump is but the questions are what Pence would be like as President. Judging from previous information about Pence, Pence is quite a bit to the right on the spectrum. Not far right but definitely more right than quite a bit of the Republican Party.

It is to the point where he rarely has any women in the room with him with the exception of his wife if she’s around.

He is obvious against abortions and women’s rights in general.

So what is the best option?

My option would be not to impeach Trump if the Democrats take either the House or the Senate [or both!] in November. This would turn Trump into a leader who can’t get anything passed unless the Democrats approve. He basically would have to move more to the left.

Trump’s false claims that he is doing a great job would go out the window.



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