What has been killed in Windows 10 v1803

[Also known as Redstone 4 or April 2018 Update.]

With every new feature update to Windows 10 comes depreciated and removed features. Some few used or care but there is always a surprise as well. Among those that are depreciated or removed are:


  • Windows Help Viewer: Not a surprise but interesting since for the last few versions prior to Windows 10, Microsoft made available an update to use it and in Windows 10, it was included. If you search a bit, there are various was around this.
  • Phone Companion: This has been replaced by the Phone page in Settings.


  • HomeGroup: This is probably the surprise since it was [when working correctly] the easiest way for computers on a small network could communicate without the mess of setting things up. Great for novices. To share files, folders and printers, you will have to go back to the old ways which is still around.
  • Groove Music Pass: Groove Music Pass has been discontinued. Instead Spotify has been promoted.
  • XPS Viewer: This was Microsoft’s failed attempt to compete with Adobe’s PDF beginning with Windows Vista. Over time, Microsoft had even released documents in PDF format. It isn’t installed by default If you really desperately need it, is still unfortunately  available from the Apps and Features in the Control Panel.



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