What is new in the Windows 10 Spring Creator Update

With Windows 10 Spring Creator Update [a.k.a. Redstone 4, a.k.a. 1803, a.k.a. build 17133] about to be released, the following are some of the new or updated features:

  • For anyone concerned about exactly what data is being sent to those telemetry servers, the Diagnostic Data Viewer utility offers full transparency.
  • Most of the updates will now take place in the background as well as additional options such as scheduling the updates to be installed at a convenient time.
  • You can now share using WiFi connections or Bluetooth such as contacts, files, web pages and other supported data types. Both sender and receiver must agree to the connection.
  • You can now set upload and download limits to cumulative and feature updates when you do not have the bandwidth.
  • If you are using a local account instead of a Microsoft account, you now have the options to set password recovery options.
  • Using Hyper-V virtualization, Windows Defender Application Guard offers a way to access the web in a secure and isolated session which won’t allow ransomware or otherwise to compromise the system.
  • Microsoft Edge allows the option to turn off the sound to tabs that are playing sounds. Edge also includes clutter-free printing, more extensions support and includes a dedicated tab for extensions in the Microsoft Store
  • Video editors can always use high-powered GPU, regardless of the impact on battery life.
    A new option enhances the start-up apps from the Task manager but elsewhere in PC Settings plus other options.
  • You can now install fonts from the Microsoft Store. Initially there will be a limited selection of free fonts but eventually more fonts [only some free] will be added.
  • Cortana connects to more home automation services, making it possible to control those devices using voice commands from a PC.



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