Revenue in TV shows

Yes. This is about entertainment. A rarity in this blog.

Over the past number of years with HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other channels/services, the number of TV shows released in the US has now gone way over 400 – double from just a decade ago.

With the specialty channels and services, they have increased the boundaries of what can be show [as they don’t follow the same rules as the “Big Four” US networks].
But they have also changed the way shows last.

The majority of these shows on the specialty channels and services last between 10 and 12 episodes. They aren’t limited to roughly 42 minutes an episode [with a ridiculous 18 minutes of advertising an hour]. One episode could be 47 minutes and the next 56 minutes. Season premieres and season finales can be almost any size but are typically lengthier than the typical episode for the series.

The specialty channels and services make money generally off subscriptions and not advertising. By keeping the seasons short but many of them and all year around, they could potentially attract more subscribers.

Which brings me to the “Big Four” networks in the US. Unlike the specialty channels and services, the four make money off the commercials. With a very popular show, you can ask for more than the typical amount for a 30 minute advertising slot. For example, advertising for big ratings The Big Bang Theory would command more than a lesser show.

Most of the typical TV shows in the US have a 22-24 episode season [even then unsure one show on the network will have 22 episodes and another show on the same network has 23 – ran out of ideas?].

But of late, some of the newer and higher ranked show are using short seasons. The wildly popular This Is Us had just 18 episodes for its debut and sophomore seasons. The same for The Good Doctor for its first season. 9-1-1 had just 10 episodes. The Orville had just 12 episodes. All renewed for at least one more season.

You would figure these series would have a full season which would mean extra profits for them if they had 22-24 episodes instead.


Anyone know why?


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