Windows Server 2019 announced

Microsoft has released the first test build for Windows Server 2019 due sometime in the late fall. See here. [Note: Do not install at work!]

There will be Windows Server Semi Annual Chanel (SAC) releases twice a year. identified by their date of release [i.e the first SAC was 1709 (for September 2017)]. The Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) will be released every two to three years, this follows the previous Server release cycle of 2003 then R2, 2008 then R2, 2012 then R2. There will be no more R2 releases, and there will be two different focuses for the two different channels.

The LTSC will be available in all editions and deployment models [Core, Nano, GIU] Standard, Datacenter, Essentials, etc. The SAC will be only a core release and only in Standard and Datacenter.

Project Honolulu [the codename for the new Server Manager] will be included in the LTSC build as will the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection.

Microsoft acknowledges that the price of Windows Server 2019 will be higher due to CAL price increases.