Trump goes off script – people laugh

In an event recently in Pennsylvania to promote a Republican for a special congressional election, after maybe 5 minutes, Donald Trump went wildly off script. Among the thing he said:

  • “And a lot of steel mills are now opening up because of what I did.” Trump signed the steel tariff measure just days before. So that’s fast work.
  • “President Moon of South Korea said without Donald Trump, the Olympics would have been a total failure. That’s true. True.” So exactly what did Trump do?
  • “By the way, if we coasted for two-and-a-half years, we did a hell of a job.” Trump claiming, if he did nothing in the final 30 months, he would easily win.
  • Talked about Arnold Schwarzenegger failure to have decent ratings when he took over The Celebrity Apprentice. This is politics?
  • “We got 52%, right, 52.” 52% among white women [which isn’t good] in the last election but 41% of women overall.
  • “Did you see the other day, 96% of what they do, all I do is good stuff, the economy is the best it’s ever been.” 96% of who?
  • “I would love to beat Oprah. I know her weakness.” He must know her very well.
  • “Martha Stewart failed.” She’s in politics?
  • “He was a great cheerleader for the country. But not great on the trade.” On Ronald Reagan, I’m sure many Republicans weren’t happy.
  • “I hear he’s better looking. I think I’m better looking than him. I do. I do.” He is Democratic challenger Conor Lamb who is less than half of Trump’s age.
  • “[Democrats] are getting killed now by the DACA recipients. They are getting killed.” We assume in some type of poll but there hasn’t been any poll on that.
  • “Did I do a good job? Atlanta?” Trump is talking here about the Republican victory in the Georgia 6th district special election last year. But what have the Republicans done since?
  • “I’ve got all the big builders, the best ones in the world. I know the best builders….” For the Trump Wall. All the builders in the US?
  • “We have done more than any first term administration in the history of our country.” How do you measure that?
  • “They all want to be on councils. They call them blue ribbon councils where we take Melania — great, great first lady. She’s great.” Can you figure this sentence out?

So exactly how much did he talk about the Republican running in the special election? Yes. That much.

Notice how he loves to use third person to talk about himself?


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