No action from the Trump administration on guns

About 3 weeks ago, 17 people – mostly teenagers – were murdered at a Florida school buy an unstable individual.

Donald Trump and other politicians had promised that there will be changes but aside from some token responses from various states [ban bump stock, increase the age to purchase a gun], the federal government has failed to do anything other than blowing hot air.

On the day after the shooting in Parkland, Florida, Trump told confidants and aides that he was moved to do something his predecessors had failed to do. Like? We are waiting. {tap. Tap.]

Trump has already at least partially backed away from raising the age limit to 21 years old for any gun. As it is you can buy an assault rifle [such as the AR-15 model that was used in the shootings] at the age of 18 but for a hand gun, you need to wait until 21.

Then we have the problem of trying to keep guns away from those who are┬ámentally unstable. Even the NRA is against this arguing that any American has the right to bear arms even if not quite all there. They also thing those of lower age than 16 should also be able to use a gun – and yet they can’t vote which is guaranteed under the constitution.

Trump and most Republicans had campaigned during the primaries and election campaign with policies that mirrored the NRA’s stances on guns.

Remember that the Republicans control the House and Senate and all but 6 of these Republican politicians received money from the NRA [some of them in the millions over their political life]. You think they want to cut off their food source by voting on something that goes against the NRA’s policies?