Gouging people before concerts

The concert business is a real racket.

Having been a fan – but not a huge one – I decided to get a ticket to see Elton John locally on what theoretically should be his last tour [it will be a long tour].

I didn’t want a seat in the nose bleed section. And I wasn’t about to pay for the real premium seats or the ridiculous VIP package – the top one goes for $1200 US per ticket locally but you get all kinds of stuff [champagne, tour of the venue, lithograph (not signed), gift bag and some merchandise].

So I took one in the stands. I got a side of the stage ticket and a few rows up from the stage with a “potential partially obstructed view”.

Now comes the fun part.

They broke down the cost of the ticket. Roughly $100 per ticket but then they added another $20 in various charges which include “facilities fee”, “service charge” [about $12 there alone] and another $4 because I asked for an electronic ticket.

Wow. Most of this stuff would normally be part of the ticket price. So what is a facilities fee? The explanation of the service charge?

Of course my favorite is the amount for an electronic ticket. Now considering no person is actually doing anything physically to the ticket [it’s not like it is being stuffed in an envelope, throw on a label for my home address and then put a postage stamp on], how can they justify that charge?



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