Office 2019 is coming soon, only Windows 10 is supported

Microsoft has announced that the upcoming release of Office 2019 – expected in the second half of 2018 [and I suspect in early October when a feature update of Windows 10 will be released] – will only support the currently supported editions of Windows 10 [a.k.a. “Semi-annual Channel”], Windows 10 LTSC 2018 and as well as the next LTSC version of Server.

Yes. There will be no support for Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

And as a nothing big piece of news, Office 2019 – non-server applications – will only be available in the Click-and-Run deployment. That means you download a stub [or executable] and it will download Office from the Internet. [So you better have a decent speed for the internet.]

Server applications will continue to be available with the traditional MSI format.

Finally, Microsoft has also cut some of the support time for Office 2019 desktop applications. As of the Office 2019 release, there will be 5 years of full support and just 2 years of extended support.

Considering Windows 10 is just barely coming close to breaking the 50% mark in deployments, they are shutting themselves out in some potential sales. That said they have the issue where Windows 7 is still huge and Windows 8.1 is very small. They can’t stop Windows 8.1 support but continue Windows 7 support.

Microsoft is assuming those millions of Windows 7 users will upgrade to Windows 10 as support ends in less than 2 years. But there are still quite a few using Windows XP and even Windows Vista.



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