State of the Uniom

[Well could have also been called State of the Swamp. If unsure why it is “Uniom” and not Union, see below.]

So Donald Trump is having his first State of the Union address in an hour. Whoopee.

These State of the Union addresses are nothing but a sales pitch – a review of the past year – where a real President would go over what he has done positively over the year and lightly about the negative things that did happen.

But Trump has the ego the size of Texas and you know he will not say anything negative but he will probably talk away about the positive things he did. Was there any?

Let’s see. Number one on the radar will be his tax bill – a bill that would have never passed except he used the one time a year option to reduce the senate to 51 or move senators’ approval.

Next will be the economy. Doing well – but he will base everything on the stock markets rise. But he won’t mention that while the markets have rose, so has the large number of bankruptcies and those companies that aren’t doing well [Sears, Toys R Us, Radio Shack, Payless shoes, Gymboree, etc.]

I can see him mentioning his right Supreme Court justice that got in – barely.
What’s left?

Well he will probably drown out the positive points to make things sound good.

Meanwhile, for a first year “president”, he has one of the worst approval ratings ever in the US. Considering he has a majority in the House of Representatives and Senate, he could only pass the tax bill as his only piece of legislation as some Republicans wouldn’t back him completely.

Through Twitter and the media he has toasted people within his staff and cabinet sending many of them packing within the first 6 months of his term.

Through twitter he has constantly had tweet wars with politicians, foreign leaders, celebrities, and even the families of late soldiers.

He has signed 55 Executive Orders in 2017, 38 Presidential Memoranda, 12 Presidential Determinations, 22 Presidential Notices and 7 National Security Presidential Memoranda. These are documents which allow him to announce changes that don’t require legislation.

Now as for the word “Uniom”, it seems that when the House Sergeant at Arms had the tickets printed for the State of the Uniom …. Union…. the word union was misspelled. But as you look at the ticket [and the comments in a Twitter conversation] there is another typo in the phrase “Visitor’s Gallery”.



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