Robot versus women in Saudi Arabia

Life in Saudi Arabia for a isn’t great for women.

Until recently, women couldn’t drive. They are required to cover their head. They can’t own property. They are escorted by a male relative. Their father gives them away to their future husband with no say. Saudi Arabia is know to have less than a stellar human rights record.

Then came Sophia. She isn’t human. She is Artificial Intelligence.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia actually granted citizenship to Sophie, a robot, last week during a program at the Future Investment Initiative, a summit that links very rich Saudis with inventors hoping to shape the future.

“Thank you to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” the country’s newest citizen said. “It is historic to be the first robot in the world granted citizenship.”

She wears no headscarf or is accompanied by a male guardian [does she have relatives?].
Saudi law doesn’t allow non-Muslims to get citizenship. Did she convert?

Saudi Arabia doesn’t grant citizenship to the foreign workers, not even families that have been in the country for generations.

Sophia has graced the cover of a fashion magazine. She has driven one of Audi’s autonomous cars. She said she could do a better job as U.S. president than Donald Trump at a conference in Geneva hosted by the United Nations. [Who can’t?] She even tells jokes. [Was the Trump jab a joke?]

You can see her on Jimmy Fallons’s show here at roughly 2:15.




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One Response to Robot versus women in Saudi Arabia

  1. gilian says:

    I find this hilarious. 😂😂 I’m living in Jeddah as an expat, and yes, tge ironies of what this lady robot can do vs. what human ladies can do. We’ll just wait for her to have sisha or shawarma here, if that’s even possible. 😂

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