Miscellaneous computer tips – Volume 8

OneDrive Files On-Demand Client Missing in v1709

New to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is OneDrive Files On-Demand. It allows users to access all their files in the cloud locally without having to download files and use storage space on their devices, but some may not see it because the user experience is part of a separate client.

You can grab the client here.

Extend the Time that Windows 10 Removes the Old Windows 10

As you know, with installations of Windows 10 that upgraded from a previous operating system, you were allowed up to 30 days before your old operating system was automatically removed from your system.

This allowed you time to verify that Windows 10 would work with your software and hardware.

In subsequent “feature” updates [i.e. v1703 to v1709], that time frame was reduced to 10 days since it is assumed that everything should work when going from Windows 10 to the next feature update.

The 10 days is actually set in a task in the Task scheduler called SetupCleaningTask which can be found in \Microsoft\Windows\Setup. it is configured to run every 5 days and verify that 10 days have passed since the feature update was installed.

It is suggested to manually edit the task and change it from one-time, start immediately, every 5 days, indefinitely to one-time, start 30 days from now, every 1 days.

Verifying your License in Windows

Ever wondered about the licensing of your copy of Windows?  Try below and wait for a window to pop up.

slmgr.vbs -dlv

Most will not be of use with the exception of the name, description, partial product key [make sure it matches your computer’s label if you didn’t change operating systems] and the license status.



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