Of Weinstein and Twitter posts

Actress Rose McGowan went after sexual harassers on Twitter and her account gets suspended by Twitter for a short time. Meanwhile, actor Ben Affleck apologized on Twitter for groping a woman on camera and his account is still active.

While the whole thing is disgusting, Twitter has in their policy the right to suspend accounts that go contrary to their posting rules. While I didn’t read what she said, she obviously said something Twitter did not like.

However Twitter does not have any rules regarding who can or can’t tweet just because they did something bad now or previously. [So theoretically, for example, mass killer Jeffrey Dahmer could of tweet as long as it is within the rules that Twitter has.]

But Twitter has stretched the rules when Donald Trump has been allowed to continue to post even though he has made some nasty comments. [Would you reject the so-called President of the US? Expect major protests from Trump supporters.]

Twitter claimed his account was supposedly not suspended because it was newsworthy – not because he’s the so-called president.

Newsworthy? Maybe but in some case he’s gone across the line.

I think anyone who has been following this Harvey Weinstein harassment mess would agree that it shouldn’t have happened. But now the blame game is going around on how long people knew about what Weinstein did and why didn’t they speak out then.

You can read Twitter’s posting rules here.