The polarized US politics

It isn’t hard to noticed that the US political scene has been more polarized in the last 5+ years than any time before. It is right versus left with nothing in between.

But never has the US had a president who has caused plenty of controversy to the point that he has had trouble of getting legislative bills passed.

He antagonized first fellow Republican nominees, accusing them or even family members, of things that he could never prove.

And when news media reported this, he called it “fake news”.

He continued his fake news tirade during the election – even calling his opposing candidate a liar and a crook – something no presidential candidate ever said to another before.

When the media ganged up on him and even had undisputable proof of what he has done, he still denied what he saw and used his “fake news” term or “some people say” to give a lame excuse of proof when there is no proof of backing up his latest claim.

He continues his “fake news” comments while as president even where there is proof.

He has known to say one thing and then change his mind. When the media said he said the first thing, he’d deny it with the ‘fake news” moniker even though there is proof he said it.

There is already an “army” of Trump supports who will deny he said or done something even though he has gone on record of saying it.

Forbes magazine, a respectable one on the business world, did some investigating in the Eric Trump Foundation for questionable usage of donations. And yet the Trump supports are denying it or asking where is the proof. I think most respectable media outlets will properly investigate before claiming something or risk a lawsuit. As of yet, the foundation has had no lawsuits announced.

Meanwhile the state of New York is looking into the Forbes’ allegations as well as other issues.

With the way thing are going, what would happen if Trump was impeached. Would Trump support take to the streets and start massive full blown riots? I wouldn’t be surprised. Many of the Trump supports are farther right than what most of the Republican party likes. Klu Klux Klan, militias and others.

Others could deny it and say it is a left wing conspiracy – even though Vice President Mike Pence [a Republican] would become President.




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3 Responses to The polarized US politics

  1. CathyW says:

    So concerning and yet this is allowed to happen in more than one place in the world.

  2. Yes, I believe Trump will be impeached, but he will resign. The Trumpsters can take to the streets when it happens, but they are by far the minority, so I think we will be ok.

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