It’s the end of the US, but do they feel fine?

At precisely this time in 12 hours, the US has its 45th president. Good luck.

In just a single day, Trump went on a rant against America’s closest allies, calling NATO obsolete, praising the UK for leaving the European Union, and expressing uncertainty that he will get along with German chancellor Angela Merkel. Two days later, he said the American dollar was too high. Sure enough [for example], the Canadian dollar rose a cent against the US dollar.

According to a new CNN/ORC poll, Donald Trump will take office Friday with the lowest approval ratings for any recent president and his transition efforts. His approval rating is 44 percentage points below President Obama and the transition efforts are 20 percentage points lower than Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Not surprise, Trump had to fire back on Twitter saying “The same people who did the phony election polls, and were so wrong, are now doing approval rating polls. They are rigged just like before.”

Four in ten say Trump is qualified to server according to another poll.

A new CNN/ORC poll finds Obama’s approval rating stands at 60%, his best mark since June of his first year in office. Compared with other outgoing presidents, Obama lands near the top of the list, outranked only by Bill Clinton’s 66% in January 2001 and Ronald Reagan’s 64% in January 1989. About two-thirds (65%) say Obama’s presidency was a success, including about half (49%) who say that was due to Obama’s personal strengths rather than circumstances outside his control.

Amid those glowing reviews, one-quarter of Americans (25%) say Obama is one of the nation’s greatest presidents, far outpacing the share who felt that way about other recent presidents as their terms ended (11% described Reagan that way, 10% Clinton, and 5% or fewer said so about either President Bush). Still, nearly as many (23%) call Obama a poor president, more than said so about Reagan, Clinton or the first president Bush, but well below the 46% who said George W. Bush was a poor president as he prepared to leave the White House.

In the U.S. capital, the incoming president received four per cent of the vote — the worst result for any major party nominee in the district, ever.

With Trump in charge soon, some Americans were so happy that ObamaCare will be pulled. They then say that they are happy “the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” won’t be touched. They like it. It’s the same thing.

Trump’s tweets may already land him in hot water – with his daughter. He tweeted @Ivanka instead of @IvankaTrump. – two different accounts. Whomever uses @Ivanka will get very popular shortly [or not]. Trump had retweeted a message from a Twitter user that said his daughter was “great, a woman with real character and class.”

Trump was tweeting whether or not outgoing CIA chief John Brennan was the “the leaker of fake news”.

Trump likes to start fights and this one isn’t even from Twitter. Fashion designer Tom Ford has said he declined to dress Melania Trump years ago, saying “she’s not necessarily my image.” Seems The Donald remembers petty things like these. So he had his buddy, hotel owner Steve Wynn to pull selling Tom Ford cosmetics and sunglasses. Trump said Wynn thought what Ford said was terrible. So why now? Trump told Fox his wife never asked Ford to dress her as first lady and “doesn’t like” Ford or his designs.

The Secret Service says a vehicle in a motorcade for Vice-President-elect Mike Pence struck a D.C. police reserve officer according to TV station which reports that police say the officer was conducting traffic control in northwest Washington on Wednesday afternoon when a vehicle in the motorcade hit him.

“We’re going to have insurance for everybody,” Trump said. “There was a philosophy in some circles that if you can’t pay for it, you don’t get it. That’s not going to happen with us.” Expect the US to go further into deficit then.

Trump has already stated that he would claw back President Obama’s sanctions against Russia regarding Ukraine and Crimea incursions.

A women’s march on DC on the day after the inauguration is expected to have 1800 bus loads [those registered] at the time of this blog was sent out. In comparison 400 registered buses for the inauguration.

Banned for those sitting close to the stage for inauguration include: umbrellas, guns, fireworks, backpacks, balloons, drums, whistles, and selfie sticks.

Few Canadians appear inclined to celebrate this year’s event, if polls are to be believed. A mere 18 per cent told an Angus Reid survey in November that they were somewhat or very pleased with Trump’s win.

Canada’s event usually draws a strong turnout given the prime location as the only foreign embassy in the area, near the National Mall and right along the parade route. On Friday, Donald Trump will take the oath of office at the U.S. Capitol to become the 45th president, then pass the embassy and its string of Canadian flags on the way to the White House. 1800 showed up at the last inauguration party. Expect poutine, tourtiere [a meat pie originating from Quebec, usually made with finely diced pork, veal or beef], beef and Canadian beer to be served.

The performers list for the inauguration looks a bit pathetic. At this time, the best known is Toby Keith followed by Lee Greenwood. One list didn’t even list Wayne Newton or Paul Anka, which I mentioned before. After that you have 3 Doors Down [one hit wonder in Kryptonite 16+ years ago] and Jackie Evancho from “America’s Got Talent” to sing the national anthem [her career is about to be toast!]. Then it gets worse. The “B Street band” – a tribute band based on Bruce Springsteen’s music was supposed to perform. Add Sam Moore from the duo Sam and Dave. Add some of the Radio City Rockettes. After that you have nobodies.

Initially a tribute band called the B Street band were to perform but the band leader saying the decision was based on the respect they have for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Some believe a backlash was also a reason.

Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli will not be performing at Trump’s inauguration. He’s received death threats if he performs. Trump’s people said he was never invited [save face?].

Can’t wait to see what the estimates of the crowd will be compared to previous inaugurations. I’m sure anything less than Obamas’ and Trump while start to whine on Twitter. Unsure who does the official estimates for inaugurations but usually the cops usually give an estimate. He’ll have someone in his team say that it’s at least triple the official estimates. Although he may just say it is 10 times the official estimates and not say where that figure came from [top of his head].

They expect maybe 900,000 but that will probably drop as it is expected to be a cloudy day with rain in the forecast. The umbrella ban doesn’t help. [Or the main  guest!]

Estimates that the inauguration will cost $200 million US including over $100 million for security.

Two days before his swearing in, Donald Trump has forked over $25 million to settle three Trump University fraud lawsuits. The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, originally known as Trump University, delivered the payment, plaintiffs’ lawyers told CNNMoney. The settlement was reached in November shortly after the election. It kept the president-elect from having to testify in a trial. Students said they were promised access to private financing options that never materialized, and concluded the program was effectively a bait-and-switch. Though initial seminars were free, attendees alleged that teachers only used them to get students to shell out for paid sessions.

Trump finally got a tweet right: After civil right icon John Lewis said he hasn’t missed an inauguration in a long time, someone in Trump’s entourage did some research and found out that Lewis wasn’t at George W. Bush’s inauguration in 2001. Trump tweeted it. In an interview he called Lewis’ error “a really big lie”. Exaggeration and Lewis is older than Trump.

Already a couple of nicknames have shown up: Commander in Thief, Groper in Chief.

Personally, I’ll be watching the 2009 inauguration on YouTube.



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