Another interesting week from Trump

Classified documents presented recently to President Obama and President-elect Donald Trump included allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump, multiple US officials with direct knowledge of the briefings have said. The FBI is investigating the credibility and accuracy of these allegations, which are based primarily on information from Russian sources.

Trump said prior to the beginning of the confirmation sessions that all his confirmation picks will be confirmed. Uh huh.

At his first press conference in months, Trump slammed Buzzfeed News earlier in the press conference for publishing the unsubstantiated documents in their entirety. Trump called Buzzfeed News a “failing pile of garbage” and suggested the website would suffer the consequences of reporting on the material.

Trump wouldn’t even take questions from a CNN reporter saying CNN was “terrible,” repeatedly telling him to be quiet and “No, I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news!” The exchange came the day after CNN and several other news outlets reported that U.S. intelligence officials had briefed Trump and President Barack Obama on unsubstantiated claims that Moscow had compromising financial and personal information [unusual sexual activities] about the president-elect, including scandalous allegations of a sexual nature.

Not surprisingly, Trump vehemently refuted the reports calling them “fake news”, a “political witch hunt”, and “tremendous blot” on the record of the intelligence community if material with any such allegations had been released. As well, he says that United States is hacked by other countries as well, including China – brushing it off as if it wasn’t critical.

Trump claimed that the documents, which were placed next to him as he spoke, were evidence of the preparations he had made to give over control of his businesses to his sons. He pointed at those documents and claimed they were just part of the various papers required to separate Trump from his business and each pointed at the pile repeatedly as proof that the preparations were being made. Problem is that the sheets were the wrong size [not legal] and blank! See here.

A bunch of people [off camera] at the news conference clapped at the end. Supposedly they all worked for Trump. Probably told them to clap or “You’re fired!”

President-elect Donald Trump harshly responded to civil rights icon [he walked with Martin Luther King Jr. and was at Selma] and Georgia Rep. John Lewis, calling him “all talk” and “no action” after Lewis said Trump was not a “legitimate” president. “Congressman ¬†John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime infested).” Not surprising, outrage from the civil rights movement. I gather Trump doesn’t know his background.

Trump says he’ll be President for 8 years – heaven forbid!

He also says there is no US laws that say he can’t run the country and his company. Maybe not, but there are ethics laws.

Trump expects “massive” crowds for his inauguration. I suspect when the rough estimates of the crowd comes in from the authorities, Trump will say they are very wrong and will use some way inflated number saying he’s an expert in estimating crowd sizes [like he said he was an expert in hacking].

Trump still is having a hard time finding performers for his inauguration. Supposedly, the biggest name is Las Vegas veteran Wayne Newton – although Canadian Paul Anka may have accepted. While performers have been almost exclusively from the US, Trump has tried to bring in foreign talent [including Celine Dion] and all have so far declined with British singer Charlotte Church calling him a “tyrant” after declining. Why is it that Trump has to bring in non-Americans? President Obama’s first inauguration had maybe a couple of dozen American performers and U2.

Classical teenage singer Jackie Evancho had album sales “skykrocketed” [according to Trump] after her December 14 announcement that she’ll sing the national anthem. But some could attribute that to her Christmas albums sell well during the holidays and Evancho appeared on an NBC holiday special December 19. Even then, it wasn’t sales that “skykrocketed”. Another Trump exaggeration.

Broadway star Jennifer Holliday decided not to attend the inauguration after the inauguration committee pre-emptively announced her appearance before she decided to perform and because of the outcry from the LGBTQ community.

Charles Brotman, the 89-year-old who once the voice of the Washington Senators baseball team, has announced every inauguration parade since Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1957. But not anymore. He was sent his “pink slip” by Email from trump’s transition team. In his place, the Trump team has tapped Steve Ray, a “youngster” as a 58-year-old Washington-based freelance announcer who has worked with the MLB’s Washington Nationals and for local radio stations. Brotman will be honored as “announcer chairman emeritus” – which means nothing. Brotman he thinks it smacks of political payback.

From the story mentioned in the previous blog entry, publisher HarperCollins said that it will stop selling a book by Monica Crowley that a CNN investigation found to have more than 50 instances of plagiarism.

Trump will transfer his business holdings to a trust, but he won’t sell them — stopping short of what ethics lawyers say is the only sure-fire way to avoid conflicts of interest. All of Trump’s business and financial assets will be placed into the trust before he is inaugurated January 20, according to a lawyer involved in the arrangement. It was not immediately clear who will control the trust. Trump will resign his role at the Trump Organization, his worldwide empire, and transfer control to his two adult sons and an in-house executive, the lawyer said. In the weeks since his election, the Trump Organization terminated all unfinished deals, and Ivanka Trump, who is expected to move to Washington and play a role in his presidency, will relinquish her roles at the Trump Organization, the lawyer said.


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