Some more Windows 10 tips

Tip #1: Start menu scrolling

The Windows 10 Start menu includes a handy scrolling list of all the apps and desktop programs you’ve installed. It also offers a hidden alphabetical index. To jump to a specific spot in the list, tap any of the lettered headings. That collapses the list to an index, with highlighted letters. Tap any letter to jump to that spot in the list and scroll up or down.

Tip #2: Temporarily disabling updates

As you know, Microsoft’s history of updates both security and non-security are sketchy at best. So why not delay them from getting pushed.

The fix below will delay getting “quality” updates for Windows 10 [defined as security & non-security updates] for the number of days you want.

The last line [in hex] determines how many days it will check for updates. Below is set to 30. The maximum is 35, the minimum is 1.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





After applying, reboot. Search the Internet for DeferQualityUpdatesPeriodInDays if you want more information. When the fix is applied, it will show no updates available even though some have been released.

Note: As usual, use at your own risk when editing the registry.

Tip #3: Changing Cortana’s search behavior

If you want to change Cortana’s search behavior, you can limit the parameters of the search itself. For example, Cortana can be told not to search the Internet at all.

Click the Cortana search box in the Taskbar and then navigate to the Cortana settings screen. At the bottom should be a setting that says Search Online And Include Web Results. Switch that to Off and Cortana won’t display any more web results no matter which search engine is the default.



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