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This has been a bad year for musicians. The deaths of Prince, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and George Michaels among others sent shock through the music community. Some of them [Leonard Cohen and David Bowie] had his illnesses and [I guess not coincidently] released new albums just before their death.

Hopefully this trend does not continue in 2017.

2016 seemed to be year of the massive box sets that only the rich and the collectors can perform.

Case in point: Pink Floyd release a box set, The Early Years Box Set, a massive 33-disc collection of CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs and 5 vinyl singles. Unsure who can afford paying close to $500 US for this monster. I believe each and every track is released on CD, DVD and Blu-ray. Note that at least some will be released separately at one point in 2017.

Case in point number two: Bob Dylan’s Live 1966 Box Set, a massive box set with 36 discs. Yes. They consist of concerts from a single year and also comes in a reduced version [less memorabilia]. Price tag is about $400 US. [Can you imagine if he does this for every year he was on tour?]

Dylan himself have already released various live albums under the “Bootleg Series” as well as complete [or what could be recovered] recording sessions. [Do you need a dozen (mostly incomplete) versions of Like A Rolling Stone?]

Add to the fact that vinyl editions are out [usually a subset] and still quite pricey.

Seriously, you need to be rich or a very serious collector to buy this stuff.

Finally, in some countries, they are pushing for laws which will make it illegal in some ways to purchase massive quantities of concert tickets [getting around the limit of number of tickets per person] and then selling them for ridiculous prices.

I like music but I am not a fan that will pay more than the face value of a ticket.

My suggestion is to boycott the scalpers until they are forced to sell for a loss [usually right before the concert begins or a few minutes in].



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