Having problems upgrading Windows 10?

If you have had problems upgrading Windows 10 Anniversary Edition [or v1607], try some or all of the following:

  • Change the computer’s name such that there are no periods, hyphens or underscores. A reboot is required.
  • Disable fast boot in the BIOS.
  • If applicable uninstall your anti-virus software. Don’t worry, Windows 10 has it built in and kicks in if no other anti-virus is in use.
  • Download the ISO and create either a DVD or a USB key. Don’t install from Windows Update.
  • Do not boot off the DVD or USB but insert it and run the SETUP.EXE file off the root of the DVD/USB drive.
  • During the installation, do not download and install any updates. This can be done later on. It probably will also save upwards of 30 minutes during the installation.
  • Once the screen says installing [on a blue background with a percentage] unplug anything using a USB port [other than if you are using a USB key to install].
  • Once the computer has rebooted and it’s going through the screen saying welcome, we are updating your computer, relax, etc., at that point you can replug in your keyboard and mouse. The rest can be replugged in once you are at the desktop. Do one at a time and give them enough time to install necessary drivers.
  • If applicable, re-install your anti-virus removed previously and re-enable fast boot.



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