Two sides of any story

Let’s be clear here first – I am not defending Fidel Castro. He was a dictator. He had many fellow Cubans killed after he took over the country. The exact numbers will probably never be known. He was brutal.

But there are also some strange things that have happened since his death.

If he was so brutal [in his later years], who have thousands upon thousands of Cubans lined the streets in a send-off. Surely there aren’t being forced like in the old Communist days.

When Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, made some remarks you had some world leader and some Americans mocking and complaining about his comments. They probably did not know that Trudeau’s parents visited Cuba a few times [with his siblings] and Castro was one of the honorary pall bearers at Trudeau’s father’s funeral about 16 years ago [I don’t think anyone complained then]. Trudeau was paying is respects on behalf of his family. [Probably would have been better sending a private note and not on his PM stationary].

So, some complained about Trudeau’s comments but when The Pope gave his condolences and made no reference to Castro’s brutality, no one complained. When asked why, a Republican said he is a religious leader. Yes, but he is also the leader of the Vatican – considered itself a country.

Some in the media said thousands risked their lives during the Cuban Boat Crisis but many of those who were “escaping” were also formerly in Cuban’s prisons. Castro had reduced their prison’s population by dumping them on the US’s lap. Murderers, rapists, etc. It was the closest country they could go to.

Finally, isn’t it a bit disrespectful to the dead to make such nasty comments after someone has died?



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  1. True True,correct me if i am wrong he Helped alot of African Independence Leaders back in the day as well.

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