Well, here we go again.

Jill Stein, Green Party leader who amassed something like 1% of the vote in the elections, is challenging the results in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania as she has the right to do so if the vote is with a certain percentage.

Democratic party leader, Hillary Clinton, has announced that she will support the recounts. Two of three states were close.

Didn’t take long for President-elect, Donald Trump, to act like baby-elect, by making un-presidential comments [and those that are on his side] like “crybabies”, “scam” and “fraudulent”. Does he [and his followers] know the definition of the last two words?

Trump claimed in a tweet Sunday, without any evidence, that “I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” Maybe they voted for him illegally. No one expected him to win in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Trump’s Michigan margin was a hair’s breadth 0.22 per cent of the state’s votes [11,000 vote difference]. Trump beat Clinton in Wisconsin by fewer than 22,200 votes, less than 1 per cent of votes cast. He won Pennsylvania by some 70,600 votes, just more than 1 percentage point over Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton conceded the election when she called me just prior to the victory speech and after the results were in,” Trump tweeted Sunday. “Nothing will change.” And yet he has flip-flopped already on many major campaigned promises.

Theoretically, Clinton could tip the scale if she won all three recounts. This would no doubt cause some major troubling times in the US.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to “interview” potential candidates for his cabinet but few from the party will be interviewed or offered jobs. After all, part of his campaign strategy was to sweep out the party’s establishment. And yet former Presidential nominee Mitt Romney was interviewed.

Campaign supporters Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani still haven’t been given any job. Wonder what they’ll think if they get a basic role instead of a “secretarial” role.

Trump has also seemed to be pointing to more former military people to help him – which could signify potential build-up in military conflicts under his administration.

He also turned some heads when he did hire a Fox News analyst. Turns out she has been in government but not since Ronald Reagan was president.



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