Some warnings about a toolbar and cellphones

Almost three million Android phones, many of them used by people in the US, are vulnerable to code-execution attacks that remotely seize full control of the devices. Researchers have cataloged 55 known device models that are affected. The most affected manufacturer is US-based BLU Products, which accounted for about 26 percent, followed by multinational Infinix with 11 percent, Doogee with almost 8 percent, and Leagoo and Xolo with about 4 percent each.

Each of these manufacturers sell low priced Android cell phone. The firmware was developed by a Chinese company called Ragentek Group and doesn’t encrypt the communications sent and received to phones and doesn’t rely on code-signing to authenticate legitimate apps.


According to a report, the Toolbar Updater is currently being compromised to deliver malware. The program and its updater is often downloaded by unsuspecting users and considered by some to be a potentially unwanted application.

Therefore if you have it, remove it. To check:

  1. Go into your Control Panel.
  2. Click on Programs and Features.
  3. Look for Toolbar and/or Toolbar Updater [the names may vary].
  4. If found [for each], right click on the line and select Uninstall. Follow the directions and agree to everything during the uninstallation [that makes sense]. If brings you to a web page, close that page.



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