Democrats to investigate loss

Well it has been a week since Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump with the latter becoming President-elect of the United States.

The democratic party, in shock, is trying to figure out what happened. They had a double digit lead a bit over a week before the election. That shrunk down to just a few percentages prior to the election.

While Clinton did actually get the most votes, it is the number of seats that decides who will become President. For example, Clinton demolished Trump in the District of Columbia [i.e. Washington] and did very well in the states that would be hers [such as California] but many states she was neck and neck with Trump. She lost key battleground states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida where she should have won them. Probably just 1-2 of those states would have gone her way and she would be President-elect.

Clinton has blamed the FBI director [who for now will be keeping his job] but it wasn’t just the mail server. You don’t lose maybe 10% in the polls on an issue like that.

The Democrats couldn’t count on the minorities and younger voters that should of propelled her. Some believe she may have alienated the African American voters. She obviously did not get the same support as Barack Obama did in his two wins [of course he is African-American].

Now they have about 3 years to figure what happened and how to correct things.

[Of all things, there is now a movement in California to leave the union.]




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